Zynga Slingo for real money

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The following information explores the new Zynga craze known as Slingo, which has taken the internet by storm and has been well received by online gaming enthusiasts from around the world. If you are interested in learning about the latest phenomenon, this explanation reveals the fundamental facts about the combination of bingo and slots, called Slingo.

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The widely acclaimed social game creator Zynga has recently launched this popular game that has roots stemming back approximately 15 years. The idea is to simply hit spin while trying to match the numbers in an attempt to complete a bingo card. Players can also increase their score by earning other items such as coins and balls.

After successfully matching five numbers either in a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line, you will get ‘Bingo’. Players can control how much they wager as they play and can then gamble this by flipping the Devil vs. Cherub coin. Slingo by Zynga is a popular grown-ups game that doesn’t require any brain power to play.

Can I Win Prizes Playing Slingo?

Slingo Facebook prizes can be won all the time and the way to do this is by earning Slingo Coins as you play. These coins will then allow players to enter certain sweepstakes for the chance to win actual prizes, including cash and other items.

These prizes that are frequently available make the game more appealing and although the Slingo money may not be real, the prizes certainly are. Being able to play in the free-play mode is also what makes this game so attractive to millions of players.

Slingo Strategies and Tips


There are no real strategies that will guarantee you a win, however betting sensibly will help your credits stretch a bit further. If you feel as though you have perhaps just hit a losing streak and you see your balance dwindling, simply close the game and then return another time.

You can easily pick up where you left off the next time you enter the game and all of the information will be stored so that you can continue trying to advance through the five different levels without having to start all over again.

Zynga for real money

This game can actually be viewed in several different major world languages. Slingo and Bingo Zynga.com websites have simple rules, a vibrant interface and smooth player controls, making this an ideal (if somewhat addictive) game that is risk free and will capture your imagination for hours at a time, providing you have enough credits.

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Zynga Slingo for real money
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