Top 5 reasons why women are bad at poker

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Let's be honest here, there is a far less greater number of women poker players than men and even fewer of them are good.

Why is this??… Betminded has gathered a lot of research on the topic. Here are our Top 5 reasons why women are ridiculously bad poker:

1) Women get distracted easily

Reason number one, research has proven that even though women might be better at multitasking they get easily distracted.

So, expecting a woman to concentrate on a card game for hours when her mind is in fact designed to think about clothes, cooking, cleaning and the numerous other activities she has to do during the day is just cruel.

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2) The game would be over by the time a woman is ready

Women are always late, end of. By the time a women would be ready to play a poker tournament the game would be well and truly finished.

And imagine if the tournament was televised…

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3) Women do not like to be lied to

Poker is a game based on lies and deceit and one thing women hate is to be lied to, even in a game.

They cannot handle it and would most likely spend the whole game trying to get revenge on the person who lied to them instead of trying to actually win…. clever

Dont lie to me

4) Women are naturally bad at maths

Research has proven that men are naturally better than women when it comes to maths and since poker is based on maths its no wonder that males are superior.

How to do math

5) Because they are women

When women play poker together the spend the whole time laughing, talking and joking each other! No wonder its difficult for women to improve when they can't even take the game seriously. Check out the video below and see just how ‘seriously' women take this great art form

But guys, one thing that is more intimidating to me than a man who is good at poker is a woman who is good at poker, and there are many:


No. 5 on the Global Poker Index

Vanessa Selbst


No. 92 on the Global Poker Index



Has earned over $3 milllion in her career as a professional poker players

Vanessa Rousso

Note: This article was written by a woman who is tragically bad at poker and fits all of the above stereotypes.

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Top 5 reasons why women are bad at poker
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