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Will Pokerstars offer sports betting soon?

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PokerstarsPokerstars, one of the biggest operators when it comes to online poker, might be widening their repertoire with sports betting.

It's been a subject of speculation whether this will happen or not and since Full Tilt Poker, who is owned by the same company as Pokerstars recently added casino it might be something going with Pokerstars as well. Find out the latest news here

What's up with Pokerstars Sportsbook?

SportsbookPokerStars is one of the few online operators that for the moment only offers poker and no side games or betting. That might be an advantage but it may be necessary to diversify to survive in the competitive climate of online gambling.

Full Tilt Poker recently opened up their casino section on the site where players can play Roulette and Blackjack. These features are being tested on some markets to begin with and if it all goes well the casino will then be rolled out to more countries over time.

Rational Group, which owns both Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars have admitted that they are:

“exploring opportunities to enter global sportsbetting markets to enhance [their] online gaming offerings.”

Rumour has it that Pokerstars have been sending out surveys to their customers to measure the interest in sports betting and gambling on casino, that might be a hint that they have something particular in their mind.

If so, the rumours claim it will be a launch during 2015.

What will the new bookmaker be called?

What Pokerstars new Sportsbook will be called is not decided yet, neither if it will be on the same platform as Pokerstars poker or be a solitary site but with the brand name of Pokerstars which is a well known brand with good reputation, at least in the world of poker.

We can only speculate, but a connection to Pokerstars in the name would be an advantage that they probably will use for the new sportsbook.

Even the logo and design would probably be similar to PokerStars to use the credibility of the operator.

Pokerstars marketing code for sport and betting

If Pokerstars launch their sportsbook, or maybe it's more a question of when they will launch it, you will find the marketing code for Pokerstars Sports here on Betminded as soon as it's available.

You will get the best bonus possible, so stay  tuned for more news and marketing code and to get a full review of Pokerstars new Sportsbook.

If you want the marketing code to play poker 2014 on the operator, read this article.

When registering for poker, you get a 100 % bonus up to $600 so the offer for the Sportsbook when it open might be something similar, maybe with free bets added so new players can try out the new features without the risk of losing any money.

It is also possible that it won't be necessary to make a deposit to be able to play just to attract new players to try it out.

That would be a good move, since it is a new feature and a new market it has to be some good offers to get new players and also to attract who uses other sportsbooks.

Pokerstars Sportsbook App

The competition is tough when it comes to online Sportsbook.

In order to keep up with the competition and establish themselves as a serious betting platform, it is highly likely that Pokerstars will launch an application.

Most of the top operators on the market have a dedicated application just for their Sportsbooks which is typically compatible with IOS and Android devices.

Since Pokerstar already has a very sophisticated poker application, they have demonstrated that they have a qualified team to produce an equally outstanding Sports-based app.

It is quite likely that this application will provide all the usual conveniences of a good mobile Sportsbook including great graphics, easy pay-outs and a smooth overall user-experience.

We only expect like the best quality of service from on operator like Poker star, even if this is truly uncharted territory.

About Rational Group

The Rational Group, who are behind PokerStars, are operating gaming and businesses related to that and have brands like PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, the European Poker Tour, Latin American Poker Tour and the Asia Pacific Poker Tour as well as Full Tillt Poker and PokerStars.

All of these brands contribute to one of the world's largest poker operators. In addition to tournaments and TV, the network might grow even more and incorporate a new casino service in the coming months.


Will Pokerstars offer sports betting soon?
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