Where Is Coral Legal? Detailed List of Countries

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Being able to enjoy top-quality entertainment at online gaming and betting portals is of the utmost importance for avid punters, and just as important is the need to know for sure whether the place of preferred action is legitimate, safe and legal?

Here we take a closer look at the operator, Coral, and determine whether it is safe, secure and a legal site to enjoy gaming and betting on?

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Of course, one of the first questions punters will ask, when attempting to determine if this particular operator is safe and secure, albeit legal to play at, would be to ask: Is Coral legal in my country?

Well, when one considers the United Kingdom, and the extremely stringent rules and regulations as is set forward to all online operators that offer services within the United Kingdom, then it is indeed imperative to know if the operator is legal.

For Coral players, one can rest assured that, Yes – Coral gameplay and betting is indeed legal in the UK. For all punters operating outside of the UK, it is easy enough to find out if the country you are accessing Coral from is allowed as a legal Coral country, or not.

You simply need to head on over to the Coral betting website and go to the Terms and Conditions of the operator, there you will find a full list of countries where Coral is accessible from, and a list of restricted countries clearly laid out for all to see.

Once you access the Coral betting site from your country of origins, you will no doubt be directed to the welcome bonus offer that is exclusive to you and the country you reside in.

Should you not be automatically redirected to the Welcome Bonus off deal, and how to redeem the offer, then chances are you are attempting to access the Coral website via a country that is restricted.

Again, you can double-check ‘whether or not Coral is legal in my country’ by checking out the list of restricted countries for Coral on their terms and conditions page.

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There are quite a few countries where Coral betting and Coral casino gameplay is available and wholly legal to enjoy.

The number of unrestricted countries for Coral tallies as much as 24 countries, and counting.

The following countries, as listed in bullet point below are indeed these countries where Coral is legal and accessible, effortlessly.

European Countries

The following countries are Coral legal countries in Europe.

  • Belarus
  • Sweden
  • Gibraltar
  • Czech Republic
  • Iceland
  • San Marino
  • Malta
  • Liechtenstein
  • Netherlands
  • Albania
  • Slovenia
  • Luxembourg
  • Croatia
  • Macedonia
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Slovakia

US States

Of the 52 States in the United States, there are currently no states that allow for Coral betting and Coral casino gameplay. Should this status change in any way, we will be sure to update the information accordingly.

Asian Countries

There are currently no Asian countries that offer Coral betting or Coral casino gameplay that is available to punters.


Of the 14 countries in Oceania, only New Zealand appears to be legal for Coral punters.

South American Countries

The following are Coral legal countries in South America;

  • Argentina

African Countries

There are currently no African countries that offer Coral gameplay that is legal and secure. This may change, however, as time marches on.

Caribbean Countries

These are the countries that offer Coral gameplay and betting from The Caribbean;

  • St Kitts and Nevis

Other Independent Countries

The fact that some countries that have Coral betting and Coral Casino gameplay on offer is quite amazing, here are the countries that are independent and form their own laws and mandates, that offer a Coral experience to its residents accordingly;

  • Isle of Man
  • Jersey
  • Guernsey
  • United Kingdom
  • Georgia

List of Coral Restricted Countries

The list of Coral Restricted Countries appears to be somewhat extensive, as the general help section on the Coral website states that certain territories are restricted from use of the services, due to local prohibitions and restrictions.

The claim is further shown that only the following territories are able to access the services of Coral betting accordingly;

  • Gibraltar
  • Jersey
  • Republic of Ireland
  • United Kingdom

Can I Open an Account If My Country is Restricted?

Should the country you reside in not be amidst the list of unrestricted countries for Coral gameplay and Coral betting, then, unfortunately, you will NOT be able to access Coral at all.

Should you find that Coral is not operating within your territory, then you can easily find alternative options that you can take up, operators that are of similar quality in terms of offerings and deals that are readily available and accessible in your area.

Coral Bonuses Country-Specific Restrictions

We have come to find that Coral bonuses are indeed country-specific, and hold certain restrictions as well as certain criteria that will be dependent on the country where you are accessing the Coral bonus from accordingly.

In order to make use of the Coral promo code and the Coral welcome bonus that is relevant for your territory and point of origin, you will be taken to the relevant Welcome Bonus for your region upon successful registration and sign up to Coral.

This means that when you sign up to join Coral, you will be prompted to fill in the registration form. Upon completion of this registration form, it will be clear which region you are accessing Coral from.

You will then be automatically offered the relevant Welcome Bonus from Coral, whereby the Coral promo code will need to be input in the appropriate field.

What Are the Benefits of Joining Coral?

When you have determined that you are able to join Coral and are residing in an area that is not on the Coral restricted countries list, then you will be able to easily open up an account with Coral.

Once you have opened up a Coral account, and are able to access all the services and products on offer from Coral, you will clearly see the huge benefits associated with joining this prestigious operator.

Not only will you be able to open an account on Coral to be able to access the coral free bets and be able to easily stream events, but the odds associated with Coral punters, as well as the immense entertainment that lays in wait for all Coral players is something to take hold of, right from the get-go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to being able to give the right amount of information that punters may be asking, we like to attempt to answer those very commonly asked questions from the start.

Below are a few of those types of questions that we have come across all too often, with some answers included for you as well;

1. Is Coral Licensed?

Yes. Coral is a licensed operator and offers safe and secure entertainment for all legitimate punters.

2. Can I Bet on Coral If I Am Abroad?

Yes. You are able to bet on Coral from any of the unrestricted countries as listed on the terms and conditions page at Coral.

The unrestricted list of Coral countries is quite extensive, however, you will need to double-check to see if the territory you are wanting to play on Coral from is legal or not. It all really depends on the gambling policies of the country you find yourself in, ultimately.

3. Can I Use VPN to Access Coral From a Restricted Country?

You will NOT be able to access Coral from a restricted country, even if you attempt to do so via a VPN, as Coral is quite strict on only allowing access to punters from the countries that have policies and allowances for gambling online accordingly.

4. Who Owns Coral?

Coral is owned by Entain, which is a gambling chain company. The legacy of Coral bookmarks stems as far back as 1926 when Joe Coral began the Coral Bookmakers legacy.

However, in 2015, Entertain procured Coral as well as Ladbrokes and is now the wonder of these stalwart bookmakers accordingly.

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