Wagering Requirements for Online Sportbooks – Cracking the Term and Conditions

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Football Heroes“100% cashback on your first bet”, it sounds too good to be true and often it is.

Top operators like William Hill, Coral and Betfair do reward their new members with free cash, however there are wagering requirements which must be met before bonuses are redeemed.

Many punters feel hard done by when they realize that they cannot access their cash immediately, however it is important to remember that professional operators are not deceiving.

All the information about wagering requirements is always found within the terms and conditions.

To help you comb through the small print, we've decided to give you a review of the most advantageous bonus requirements from the top operators.

Bonus Terms and Conditions at a Glance

All top operator will offer killer signing offers to encourage new joiners. These bonuses are very profitable and a great incentive to join a site.

However, it is important to think about what is at stake before you make your deposit so that the terms and condition do not come as a surprise to you.

Most bonus will come with time restrictions, rollover requirements and other specific conditions.

The conditions will usually be hyper linked at the bottom of the article and will tell you exactly what the wagering requirements for a specific bonus are.

 OperatorsMinimum Deposit
 Bonus Offer Wagering RequirementsPromotions
William Hill Logo£25If you don't make a profit in the first days £25 of your NET losses will be reimbursed5 bets in financial markets in the first 24 hours of “trading”
William Hill New Player Promo
Coral Logo£5£20Qualifying bet must be made within 14 days
Coral Welcome Package
Betfair Logo 10pMatched bonus of upto £50Place a bet of a minimum of 10p with 1.5 odds within 30 days of opening your account
Betfair Promotion

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Reviewing Time Limits

Coral ScreenshotWilliam Hill immediately stands out of the pack. Not only is their offer purely for the financial market, they also require 5 bets in 24 hours. This is a very short time span for a large amount of bets.

Similarly, although Betfair only allows 30 days it is important to bear in mind that this is only for 1 bet.

Coral is more restrictive, 14 days is a sufficient amount of time to place a bet but they certainly don't have the same flexibility as their competitors.

Deposits and Bonus Money

Here again William Hill lags behind the competition. Their offer requires members to invest a minimum of £25 and the bonus funds will only be returned when bets are lost.

Combined with hefty conditions this renders this trial bonus for the financial system significantly less viable than the competition in this category. It's unfortunate for William Hill as this the sports promotion is uncharacteristic of the usual standards of the site. Indeed, casino or bingo joining offers are far more profitable.

Coral and Betfair have very similar style offering because they ask for one qualifying bet in exchange for money. However Betfair gives customers the potential to earn upto £50 if they spend £50 as the bonus is directly proportional to the sum invested.

Although they offer less money their bonus fund is practically guaranteed and can be invested back into the site quickly to generate real money.

Odds needed to fulfill the requirements

Beat the oddsAnother clear criteria to bear in mind when assessing the terms and conditions for a bonus is what type of bets you are allowed to use your bonus funds on.

Most sites will explicitly specify type of bets you are allowed to make with your bonus fund or in the case of a rollover requirement they will specify what odds count towards these.

  • William Hill specifies that their offer applies only to fixed odds Financial betting and binary betting
  • Coral asks for odds of 1.5 or greater
  • Betfair also specifies a minimum of 1.5 odds

William Hill‘s offer is specifically targeted at their financial betting feature so it is only natural that their offer is specifically for fixed odds financial betting.

All the remaining operators require relatively low odds of 1.5 this makes getting the bonus fund achievable which is an important factor to take into account.

Whilst 1.5 are reasonable odds , punters should be wary of sites which only validate bonus for bets with odds of 3 or more.

However, it is important to clarify that in the case of Betfair and Coral, the odds rules only apply once the bonus has already been redeemed whilst for Betfair, these restrictions start to apply simply to access the bonus. 

Although the odds may seem identical when skim reading through the terms and conditions, this is an important distinction to make.

The Verdict

William Hill Logo
  • Specific to financial betting , original scheme
  • Short time frame to accomplish 5 bets
  • Bonus only gained on Net losses
Coral Logo
  • Low deposit
  • No rollover required
  • Simple terms and conditions
  • Reasonable 1.5 odds to spend bonus on
  • Relatively short time frame to place qualifying bet
Betfair Logo
  • Highest bonus requiring only one qualifying bet
  • Low deposit
  • No rollover required
  • Terms and Conditions very user friendly and easy to read
  • Good time frame to place qualifying bets
  • Reasonable 1.5 odds to spend bonus money on
  • Bonus code required to get best offers


Betfair offers a safer deal on wagering requirements.

Although Betfair offers almost 10 times less money.

They only ask for a single bet, give punters a reasonable amount of time to reach it and most importantly their terms and conditions are not typed out in bullet points full of legal jargon.

Instead the terms and conditions for their sign-up bonus is typed up in an editorial style to make it clear and concise for their future members. The open and frank attitude is highly commendable in an operator.

They also offer a very safe bet, although the bonus is small, the requirements are minimal.

Coral can be applauded for requiring the lowest deposit but its bonus features are not distinguishable enough elsewhere.

William Hill lags behind as they do not have a standard sports joining offer and only offer deals on financial betting.

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The Fairest- Betfair

It is all in the name. Betfair is a top operator offering a vast quantity of games and great bonus promotions which are constantly renewed.

Will the help of a bonus code you can access highly profitable bonus offers with very minimal terms and conditions.

This means that their bonus policy is flexible and very advantageous for their new members.

Betfair offer


Wagering Requirements for Online Sportbooks – Cracking the Term and Conditions
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