Tweet to Bet, mobile betting on Twitter

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Betting adds excitement to any sporting event, and what could be better then gambling with the ease of your smartphone? With Twitter's new Tweet to Bet functionality, you can place a bet with a single tweet.

Easy mobile betting on Twitter

A few years ago, betting on Twitter would have seemed impossible. While bookmakers have developed applications for iPhone, Android and tablets, now Twitter is going to go one step further by adding mobile betting options on the social network.

So what's the difference between betting on Twitter and using the operator's mobile app? First of all, you can place a bet just by following one of your favourite operators on Twitter. No more additional downloads…

Secondly, Tweet to Bet allows users to wager money on sporting events easily. Watching the Champions League in front of the TV? Out with friends and forgot to place your bet? Tweet to Bet means you won't miss out.

Sports betting

Tweet to Bet Features

Tweet to Bet is an instant betting system where sports fans can place bets on-the-go via Twitter. 

Here are a couple of the features and their advantages:

  • Hashtags: numerous customised hashtag alternatives for information or account help
  • Secure: safely merge social profile with gambling accounts
  • Simple: easier betting that ever before

Instant betting

How does it work?

Tweet to Bet is as easy as filling out a betting slip at your local bookie. First, you're not posting any normal Tweet! To place a bet, you fill out your ‘Tweet' just as you would at a local bookmaker.

Twitter's latest mobile updates allows you to stay up-to-date with betting news, so you'll be alerted when there's a big match coming up.

If operators start integrating this into their Twitter profile, here's how you can place bets for an upcoming match:

  1. Specify the outcome you are predicting (for example, Arsenal to draw with Chelsea, or Arsenal to win 2-1 against Chelsea)
  2. Type the odds of the event (e.g. 3.8 or 9/2)
  3. Choose the amount of money you want to wager
  4. Place your bet with the “BET NOW” button
  5. Share your bet with Twitter followers, and wait for the results!

Note: Gamblers must be already be registered with the operator to use this function. Your Twitter ID will be linked to your gambling account, which is also connected to your credit card.

Mobile Compatibility

Everybody is looking to for easier betting alternatives and this innovative betting tool has our full attention. Tweet to Bet is compatible with multiple platforms and can be used on any device at any location.

Then all you have to do is follow your favourite teams and sports event with the click of a button.



When will Tweet to Bet be Available?

It's just a matter of time before operators choose to include new mobile betting options on Twitter. That way, taking advantage of various welcome bonuses will be even more appealing! Make sure you follow the bookmakers' Twitter page to receive instant notifications.

Instant betting
Easy, secure betting via the comfort of Twitter — what could be better?

At the moment Tweet to Bet has not yet been acquired by operators, but it's definitely a tool that will revolutionise the industry. Stay tuned here to get the latest updates!

Tweet to Bet, mobile betting on Twitter
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