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Totel Football offers players a mix between video games like Football Manager and sports betting by allowing users to pick your dream eleven and to then enter in competition against other members for money.

Specialising in football, users can enter a wide range of competitions featuring all major european championships in 11 or 6 a side play.

Moreover, members at Totel Football can enjoy bonuses up to 100£ and additional promotions by signing up via this exclusive link.

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How to earn a bonus

On Totel Football, various ways exist to earn a bonus – either through making a deposit or through referring friends.

  • Deposit bonus: the site offers members a 100% matched deposit bonus, that is a doubling of the amount you transfer into your account. To benefit from the offer, no need to enter a code, funds are transfered automatically to your account. Deposits are only doubled within the limit of 100£. For example, if you deposit 100£ your player account will be credited with 200£.
  • Refer a friend bonus: thanks to a personal referral code that you can obtain through your user space on Total Football, you may recruit friends and earn cash off their bets. For example, if you refer 5 friends to Totel Football and each of them bet a minimum of 20£ on the site, you will receive 50£ to your personal player account.


One important limitation applies to all bonuses: bonus funds are not immediately withdrawable. To be able to transfer your bonus money to your bank account, players must play through the ammount at least three times. For example, if you earn a 20£ bonus, you may only withdraw this amount after having staked a total of 60£ (3×20£) minimum.

How to play

While playing in Totel Football, you can choose any of the major European leagues: English Premier League, the Spanish Liga, the Italian Serie A, and the UEFA Champions' League to cite only the most important, choose to play in the standard 11 a side play or quicker 6 a side option, as well as enter season long or specific match-day competitions. Whatever the case, you will then have to go through some basic steps to start playing.

Create your squad as you would in Football Manager

  • Pick your team: select your prefered formation, the 11 or 6 men you wish to lign up, the substitutes, and the captain that scores double the points.
  • Deposit money into your player account and get your deposit bonus of up to 100£
  • Choose your stakes: keep these low at first to get used to the game
  • Earn real cash: all bets placed are gathered into a prize pool and redistributed amung the top 10 players
  • Monitor your performance: follow real time events and see how your players' stats evolve in each game.

Track your players performance live every match day

Season long games are at a flat entry rate for all players. Match-day games, however, allow you to select how much you wish to bet. Earnings will be split according to each player's final position and initial bet:

  1. 100 points per £1 invested
  2. 50 points per £1 invested
  3. 30 points per £1 invested
  4. 25 points per £1 invested
  5. 20 points per £1 invested
  6. 18 points per £1 invested
  7. 16 points per £1 invested
  8. 14 points per £1 invested
  9. 12 points per £1 invested
  10. 10 points per £1 invested

For example, if the total prize pool is 25,000£ and winning managers have accumulated a total of 5,000 points, each point earned will be rewarded with 5£. If you finish 1st having bet 3£, you will earn 300 points and you would have won a total of 1,500£.

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Totel Football promo code: get the bonus with referrer code
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