Top 5 Reasons Why Americans Always Win at Poker

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pokerusaWhile the exact origin of poker is widely up for debate, its dominating presence in American culture is certainly not.

Regardless of whether poker descended from the French game, Poque, the English game, Bragg or the Persian game, Nas, Texas Hold'Em is one of the most played variants and American poker players are some of the best.

Keep reading to find out who the top ranked American poker players are and the top five reasons for why Americans always win at poker. 

Top Ranked American Poker Players

According to the prestigious Global Poker IndexAmericans account for 50% of the world's best poker players.  

Listed below are 5 of the top 10 tournament poker players in the world:

#5 Vanessa Selbst

#6 Dan Smith

#7 Paul Volpe

#9 Bryan Kenney

#10 Ravi Raghavan

1. Poker jargon exists in nearly every American's vocabulary

The jargon of the game has become deeply ingrained into casual conversations across America. These expressions and phrases are some of the most common:

  • High roller – a rich person who spends lots of money or has an extravagant lifestyle
  • Calling your bluff – to accuse someone of not telling the truth
  • Up the ante – to increase your demands or risk
  • An ace up one's sleeve – having a back up solution to a problem
  • Poker face – an expression that hides your real feelings
  • Wild card – a person that is generally unpredictable
  • Ace in the hole –  a hidden advantage
  • Holding all the cards – being in full control of a situation

 2. They maintain a healthy diet

The advertisement below features poker legend Phil Hellmuth chomping down on a Texas BBQ Thickburger:

 3. They are more than comfortable with taking financial risks

No need to remind everyone of the US 2007-2009 financial crisis.  American's are definitely not risk adverse when it comes to money!


 4. They start gambling young

A Harvard University study reported that 96% of adult male recovering gambling addicts started before the age of 14.  Imagine what the stats are for those gamblers that aren't in recovery!

kids gambling

5. They only have to get off their chair to celebrate

And boy, do they know how to celebrate….

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Top 5 Reasons Why Americans Always Win at Poker
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