The Top 5 Mobile Betting Services

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Due to major advances in communications such as wifi and wireless, mobile betting is one of those services that has been warmly welcomed by the masses and has really kicked off. Gone are the days of having to stay at home to place the bet before you leave the house, or even having to make a trip (usually miles out of the way), to your local bookmakers just to put your bet on.

How we select our best mobile betting services

Deciding which mobile betting services to pick is not always an easy task. Between welcome offers, mobile apps and the rest, it’s easy to get lost, especially for a newcomer. But fear not, we’re here to make the task easier!

We’ve made a subjective evaluation of the best mobile betting services at the moment, which you can see below. Be sure to consider different options from our partners, to make an educated decision. We hope you’ll find something suitable for you.

The Ultimate in Convenience

As if placing bets from the comfort of your own home wasn’t good enough, now you can use your iPhone or Blackberry (or in some cases pretty much any modern smart phone) on the go when you are out and about, and just place a bet wherever you may be.

What do I Need to Bet on my Mobile?

Providing you have a registered account with one of the sites that offers this service, and a half decent phone, all you will need to do is just enter your username, or account number & password, and you can have access to your websites betting options and services, at the touch of a button, all from your mobile.

Better than Ever

Mobile betting is not entirely new, although now you basically have more options, features, and by far – a better service. Anyone in the past (late 90’s – early 2000’s) may have had an account with a bookmakers and could have easily made that call, spoke to a member of staff and had a bet placed over the phone, providing you had enough in your account at the time of placing the bet.

This service basically has a lot more to offer and you can view stats from your phone, place the bet yourself, and generally have ultimate control over your account. No need to call and speak to anyone, you are the master of your bets.

The Top 5

Below is a recently compiled list of 5 of the mobile betting services that come recommended. To activate the service, most of the following sites will require you to register an account, make your first deposit, and then activate the mobile betting service manually by following the necessary steps.

No. 1: Victor Chandler

Rated at number 1, has propelled itself to the leading force behind mobile betting. There is no cost to use their service, but you must have an account with them. The recently launched Blackberry app for Victor Chandler (which can also be used on most smartphones) is by far the best in terms of speed, accessibility and features.

You won’t need to venture anywhere else to place a bet ever again. Providing you have plenty of coverage, you can lay your bets in a matter of minutes with this very handy app. Click for info on all the Victor Chandler promotions on offer.

No. 2: Bet365

Another fantastic app for the blackberry is this cleverly engineered mobile betting service. can be accessed again only by registered users. Once you have signed up from a laptop or PC, you can activate this app through your account settings and now have unlimited access to some fantastic odds and an extensive market with simple betting methods and a wonderful, easy layout. Simply log in and bet away!

Follow this link for the latest information and promos from Bet365.

No. 3: SkyBet

This is simply an impressive extension of Sky’s goal to try and dominate the market with this relatively brand new app. You can receive all the latest news and updates when placing a bet through the mobile betting service. Use your iPhone to have full use of the sites betting features, which appear to be equally as efficient and reliable as using a laptop or PC.

This app offers a secure and reliable platform and is already highly rated in the industry for its great betting features and services.  For the latest promotions from Sky.

No. 4: William Hill

You can now get your favourite bookmakers by use of your mobile phone. The options seem to be fantastic. Simply register an account and you will be able to place bets from your iPhone.

This is a highly recommended app that can be downloaded in seconds, granting you full coverage of their extensive sports book, with up-to-date info and tips. This is definitely worth visiting and certainly belongs in the top five best mobile betting services.

Click here for a new user advantages and deals from William Hill.

No. 5: Paddy Power

This site simply could not be left out. Not only do you have access to all of the sports events from around the world, you can have fun at the casino and play on your favourite games, while sat on the bus, or on the train – in fact anywhere you like.

Visiting and becoming a registered member will definitely be worth your while, especially after downloading the sports book. If you are already familiar with this major site, you will know that this will definitely be something worth looking into.

To find out the latest promo news at Paddy Power click here for the Paddy Power Promotion Code.

The Top 5 Mobile Betting Services
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