Tips for watching the World Cup on the job

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Unless your boss offered to show the match in the office, on a big screen, with a beer, this article is for you!

Of course if he did offer to do so, you can sill read on to see what the rest of us will have to go through to get a glimpse of the action…

England supporters

With most games kicking-off after 20:00, England fans should not get too worried… Except the final group stage game on June 24 opposing Costa Rica to England and holding the fate of the national team is set to kick-off at 17:00.

All of a sudden, most employees are at risk of missing the decisive match. The solution for UK viewers is simple:

Watch it on your computer

The BBC and ITV websites will be offering live streams of the World Cup games. Any computer, provided it is located in the UK, can access these sites and start watching the game live.

bbc purpleitv

Note: all live television in the UK requires a licence. Unless you are watching re-runs, the live programming of any British channel requires that a licence costing £145.50 be paid for the address which it is being watched from. That means that, unless your office has a TV licence, you could be fined £1,000…

Watch it on your favourite bookmaker's website

You may also access a live streaming of the World Cup from bookmakers' sites. To do so, you should register for an account.

Bet365 offers a live streaming feature on its site, as well as great bonuses for new players. Note that it's not available everywhere and requires you to have credits in your player account.

For more information about Bet365's offers for newly registered members, follow this link.

American fans

With all games set to start between 11:30 AM ET and 8:30 PM ET and all games past the group stages due to begin between 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM, or what is working hours for 90% of the working population, its going to be tough to get to watch the action in Brasil.

Of course, you could always watch the highlights at home after work. And, who knows, USA might play a quarter-final on the 4th of July… Or you could just watch it anyway, here are some solutions for American viewers:


Watch it online

ESPN3, the sports channel, will offer all games in a live feed viewable directly on their site.  This online channel will be open to users accessing it via an affiliated internet services provider. Valid ISPs include:

  • Verizon
  • Cox Commmunications
  • AT&T
  • RCN
  • ComCast

Note: To load the feed, users should make sure they install Adobe's Flash Player plugin on their computer.

Watch it on your phone

WatchESPN and WatchABC mobile apps will offer all the World Cup games live. That means fans can watch every second of action on their phone or tablet, whether these are operating on iOS platform or on Android.

abc appespn app

Advice on how to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup at work

Now that you've committed to watching the World Cup at your desk, here are a few guidelines to not get caught:

Keep the dress code business casual

Don't get carried away by your team spirit…

You will turn some heads on your way to the water fountain

…you might turn some heads on your way to the water fountain

Try to keep it down

We know the ref has got it all wrong… need to get rowdy about it

…no need to get rowdy about it

Place your bets wisely

On SkyBet, a useful “boss? look busy!” function can be found in the top-right corner of the page. When clicked on it will open an excel page packed with fun charts just like the ones you work on all day…

"Keep crunching those numbers, I want that report on my desk by the end of the day"

“Keep crunching those numbers, I want that report on my desk by the end of the day”

Work during half time

Your boss will be taking a break from watching to make sure you are not…

If your boss is a dictator, you probably shouldn't be too brazen about time-theft

If your boss is a dictator, you probably shouldn't be too brazen about time-theft

Form a Syndicate and ask for time-off

Seriously, Germany did it…

In the UK, where the work force has been less fortunate, the arrival of the World Cup has triggered alarming predictions of upwards of 250 million working hours to be lost by British businesses during the World Cup. This would set the FIFA tournament, according to our recent study of procrastination tools, below Facebook but on par with delusional forecasting.

Procrastination will never be the same...

Procrastination will never be the same…

To take part in the much-anticipated nation-wide time-wasting, simple solutions exist, provided your workplace has internet…

Tips for watching the World Cup on the job
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