Strip Poker: these videos are too hot to handle…

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The thing with gambling is that you get to deal with unbelievable bluffs, intense stake moments, big winnings and even bigger losses. But there is one situation when everybody gets to be the winner: strip poker.

5. The first lesson

The 6th season of the famous Castle drama series offers viewers a hot strip poker scene. In this situation, it's pretty hard to stay focused on the story.

(Video duration: 1:14)

4. Be all ears

We suggest you to gather all your best friends, take some time off and ran away to party all night. Then start playing gambling. You never know what can happen. The movie scene below is just an example:

(Video duration: 3:08)

3. Texas Strip'em

How can one resist to Carmen Electra's charm? Put this video on repeat and watch her perform in the first Strip Poker International TV show along with 6 other beautiful women.

(Video duration: 8:25)

2. Trish-style moves

Patricia Anne Stratigeas, knows as Trish Stratus, is a former professional fitness model, actress and television personality from Canada. And she is a strip poker guru for those who are looking for a teacher.

(Video duration: 0:49)

1. Healthy Dancing

How can you make the most of out the strip-gambling dance if you don't feed yourself properly? Centrum has the answer in its 2009 banned “for inappropriate content” commercial. Be that as it may, the ad is a must-see by every uninitiated punters.

(Video duration: 0:30)

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Strip Poker: these videos are too hot to handle…
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