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The strangest bets ever placed

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Bets payoutGamblers have a passion to rise to the challenge of every bet and take chances on wagers which might be considered bizarre, a waste of money and impossible.

Here at Betminded, we decided to compile a list of the strangest bets ever placed just to prove that sometimes taking a risk on a wager or going with your instincts pays off and pays off well!

Novelty Betting Earning a payout of £194,000

In 1989, a Welshman claimed one of the biggest payouts in history just by placing a bet on several unrelated events.

The man who remains anonymous placed an accumulator bet which included a bet on Cliff Richard being knighted before the turn of the millennium, U2 staying together and making music until after the millennium and that both Eastenders and Neighbours will continue to be part of the BBC schedule until after the year 2000.

The cumulative odds of the bet amounted to 6,479/1, the man paid £30 into the pot and 11 years later every one of the man'’s selections had won, earning him a payout of  £194,400.

U2 promo photo Clif Richard Knighted

Eastenders 25th picture Neighbours 25th anniversary

Xabi Alonso Scores Goal From Own Half, fan makes £25,000

In 2006, an English soccer fan bet £200 at 125-1 odds that a defensive midfielder in the Liverpool football team would score a goal from his own half during the season

The betting operator was so confident it would never happen that they called the bet “the easiest £200 we had ever made.” Instead, Alonso scored against Luton Town, and the fan earned £25,000.

Check out the incredible winning goal below and read the full article here.


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How to Bet your Whole Life Savings

Ashley Revell lucky Wheel

One of the most outrageous betting stories ever heard –  In 2004, a young Brit Ashley Revell travelled to Las Vegas to bet everything he owned and his whole life's savings – $135,300 on a bet on the roulette wheel.

Revell originally placed his bet on black with spectators looking on in horror. At the last moment, Revell moves his bet to red, which won and the man doubled his money!

With his winning Revell went back to England to start up an internet poker site after he tipped the dealer $600 of course.

Today, the Ashley Revell wheel is a shrine in memory of his incredible luck and courage.

A Cannibal-Like Offense 

Suarez bite Betsson, a Norwegian gambling website, offered 175-1 odds that Suarez, would take a chunk out of a player sometime during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Suarez who already committed the offence twice before made over 100 Norwegians happier and richer.

Taser Trouble

In 2013 an American couple decided to bet on a championship game between their two favourite football teams – the Packers V the Bears.

The winner got to Taser the other as the prize. The Bears won the game, but when the husband tried to collect on his bet, his wife decided to call the cops and he was arrested.

The Breast Bet

Brian Zembic man breastsToronto Native Brian Zembic won $100,000 when he made a bet that he would get breast implants for an entire year. He got his breast implants in 1997 and…still has them today.

Other strange bets he has won: $15,000 to live in a men's bathroom for one month.

Unlucky Premonition

In 1993, a women named Judy Higbys tried to place a bet on the Grand National not being run that year after having a premonition that the race would not go ahead.

The bookmaker told her they would not take her bet as the chance of that happening was impossible. Needless to say that the bookie was extremely relieved when in fact the race was cancelled that year after a series of false starts.

The strangest bets ever placed
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