South Park Slot Machine

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A video-slot game set in the peaceful town of South Park, Colorado could never be just an average video-slot. Play with all the characters from the show in a game punctuated by classic lines from all of them and guest appearances from special cast members…

“Goin' down to South Park gonna have myself a time…”

Playing the South Park slot machine

Like any ordinary slot machine, you must first set the parameters of the game before you start to play. To do so, you may:

  • Alter the Coin Value to make your bets more or less high.
  • Similarly, by modifying the Level, you can choose to play for higher or lower stakes.

Advanced functions also help you play easier:

  • The Autoplay functionality, for instance, lets you choose the parameters of the game and then repeat the spin a set amount of times.
  • The MaxBet mode sets the parameters of the wager automatically for you so that it uses the maximum amount of player credits in a single spin.

Once all of the settings are set, and the advanced options selected you may press the centre button to start the game.


The South Park video-slot is no ordinary slot machine. It offers players opportunities to win free spins as well as bonuses that increase their winnings.

  • Wild Card symbol can substitute for any other symbol in the game.
  • A Bonus tile can, in a series of 3 or higher trigger a mini-game corresponding to the character to appear on the bonus tile of the 5th reel (either Kyle, Kenny, Stan or Cartman).
  • Mini features with Cartman, Terrance and Phillip or Mr Hanky can increase your chances of earning a bonus.
South Park Slot Machine
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