The 10 sexiest poker players

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Gone are the days when poker rooms were filled with burly men. Today, the professional scene is crowded with gorgeous women who are fiercely successful at the game.

Here are 10 smoldering ladies with a flourishing career: you may be a good card shark but these girls will give you a run for your money!

1. Vanesa Rousso

vanessa rousso

This expert French-American Pro is a force to be reckoned with.

“Lady Maverick” started practising online poker while under age and grew up to be the one of the most successful players in the world.

Add in a Sports Illustrated cover and a prestigious law degree, Ms. Rousso really has it all.

2. Beth Shak

Beth Shak
This feisty brunette will have you eating your heart out.

As if her thriving poker career wasn't enough, this beautiful entrepreneur started up her own shoe business.

Her poker ambition was to be renown as a great player, rather than “a great player…for a woman”.

With that in mind, she truly succeeded in being taken seriously around the table.

By 2009, she had live winnings in excess of $450,000.

3. Liv Boeree


This ex-Astrophysics student combines brains and beauty unlike any other.

Liv Boeree was ranked #1 ranked female player in the world.

She has more than £3 million in the bank and has dabbled in modelling, TV presenting and charitable work.

This woman is unstoppable, visit her website if you need confirmation.

4. Victoria Coren Mitchell

Victoria Coren Mitchell
This beautiful British blonde once said she often stays up until 6am, “Smoking and drinking and gambling.” Victoria Cohen Mitchell sounds like our kind of girl…

You might know her as the TV Presenter on Countdown, but her cool, calm and collected demeanor shows she truly knows how to bluff.

This journalist and broadcaster broke all records by becoming the first two-time winner of the European Poker Tour last year. Read the BBC story here.

Comedian David Mitchell, certainly has a wonderful wife. Being married to one of the sexiest poker players in the world can't be too shabby for the Peep Show star.

5. Xuan Liu

Xuan Xuan Liu

Xuan Liu is a Canadian poker champ who was born in China.

This oriental goddess has $1.4 m dollars worth of winnings in the bank.

She may look tame around the table but she has done some rather raunchy underwear modelling.


6. Angela Prada-Moed

Angela Prada-Moed
This former model, personal trainer and professional volley-ball player tried her luck at poker.

Her sponsorship agreement with Full Tilt has really proved that this bombshell is a jack of all trades.

Her live winnings reached around $870,000 in 2014 and she still has the body of an athlete.

What's not to love? She is definitely one of the sexiest players out there…


7. Almira Skripchenko

Almira Skripchenko

This Russian lady may look like your typical chess nerd with her thin-rimed glasses, but trust us, she gives new meaning to the phrase “You clean up good”.

With the strong strategic mind she developed from her chess triumphs branching out to cards was relatively simple.

Now, Almira Shripchenko is a crucial part of the Winnamax Team and lives in France.


8. Sofia Lovgren

Sofia Lovgren

Sofia began bringing in the big bucks before she could take her first legal drink.

She is still very young and has an epic poker career ahead of her.

She was the first woman to be on the PKR team and she's just getting started.

This Swedish hottie must leave a trail of broken hearts behind her…

9. Annie Duke

Annie Duke

This pro has certainly aged gracefully.

She has a beautiful family, a World Series of Poker Gold bracelet and an Ivy league degree from Columbia.

This yummy mummy has alot going for her…

10. Tiffany Michelle

Tiffany Michelle

If you are looking for a fiesty femme fatale who juggles acting and poker, look no further than Ms Michelle.

She has her own IMDb page and plenty of poker triumphs to add to that.

She was the last woman standing at the 2008 World Series main event.

She has also done some singing and has been on a couple of reality TV shows. No mean feat.

If you are wondering why she made the list of the sexiest poker players, just check out her photo!
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The 10 sexiest poker players
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