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Looking to play daily fantasy sports at FanDuel? With the 5-Pack welcome offer, you can claim free entry to five NFL contests when signing up as a new player from USA and Canada. To reveal FanDuel promo codes 2018 and access this top fantasy sports website, click on the button below. Read on for full details and also to find out about the FanDuel UK promo code offer, for those based in the UK.

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How to Get the FanDuel Promo Code 2018


Follow these simple steps to redeem your FanDuel promo code:

  1. Use the button above to get the FanDuel promo code 2018.
  2. Create an account on the FanDuel website.
  3. Fill in the promo code field where required.
  4. Deposit at least $10 into your newly created account.
  5. You will get one free entry per week for five consecutive weeks.

All free entries are for NFL 50/50 league contests, which run continuously throughout the season. 50/50 means that you only need to finish in the top half of the contest to get a payout and you'll be playing other beginners too, which should give you a reasonable chance of scoring good!

FanDuel promo code Terms and Conditions

Let's look at the main terms and conditions with the FanDuel 5-Pack offer. First of all, it's important to note that the dollar value of your free entries will depend on the value of your first deposit, as follows:

Deposit amount Free entry value
$10 – $24.99 5x $0.25
$25 – $99.99 5x $1
$100 – $199.99 5x $5
$200+ 5x $10

Don't let the size of the free entry value determine how much you deposit, because you should only be putting down what you are comfortable with. However, if depositing an amount close to the upper bracket limit, it may be worth rounding up your deposit to hit the next highest bracket. For example, rather than depositing $90, make it up to $100. Each free entry value will be worth $4 more, making a total of $20 more in free entries, for just $10 extra deposited.

The other main term is that all five free entries must be used within 35 days of making your first deposit.

Money back guarantee

FanDuel have sought to stand out from their big rival DraftKings by offering a money back guarantee of $100 to new players, in addition to the 5-Pack promo code offer.

Any player is eligible for the guarantee, but this can only be requested immediately after your first content or first day of contests. To request this, you would need to contact FanDuel customer support by email. They will check that you are eligible and then refund your first deposit within 5 – 7 business days.

Of course, we hope you will enjoy playing at FanDuel. This guarantee is only for cases where players don't enjoy their first FanDuel experience for whatever reason.

If you later decide you wish to reopen your account, you would need to pay back the money received from the guarantee.

FanDuel UK promo code

FanDuel launched fantasy football (soccer) for the start of the 2016/2017 season. For the moment, soccer is the only sport covered for UK players, as the company seems to be dipping its toes to see how the fantasy sports bug catches on.

The FanDuel promo code offer for new UK players is totally different to North America, so pay close attention. You can claim a 100% matched bonus of up to £400 on your first deposit. Similar to poker bonuses, this is released gradually by entering paid contests. After a paid contest has been settled, 5% of the entry fee will be released from the pending bonus amount.

Any pending bonus amount will be lost if you do not release it within 6 months of signing up. For the maximum £400 bonus, you would need to enter £8,000 worth of paid contests before releasing the full bonus amount. Clearly, not everybody will succeed in releasing 100% of their bonus amount, so the description of the offer is at least a little misleading in our view.

By referring your friends to DraftKings, you can also receive a bonus. Simply send them an email and, once they meet the required conditions, you will both obtain a bonus of £5. These conditions are:

  • Your friend must be completely new to FanDuel.
  • They must deposit at least £10 and enter a paid contest within 30 days of signing up.
  • They must pass FanDuel's verification checks.

The maximum amount you can receive in refer-a-friend bonuses is £100. From that point on, you will not be able to receive any further bonuses of that kind and neither will your friends.

Available games


When using the FanDuel promo code you can compete with others or you can create your own private leagues and play with your friends. You just pick your league and team, and picking players within the cap salary. It is very simple to play and you check out each players statistic before choosing him to your lineup.

In this FanDuel review we found that there is a chat always open in the right corner of your screen so you can interact with other players. There are different entry fees, from $1 to $500 and your prize will increase with the entry fee. Every week during football season there are $4 million cash outs. If you want quicker games and do not want to play the full season, you should try Picklive daily games. When you want to withdraw cash from your account, you will receive it immediately PayPal.

When signing up with the operator using the FanDuel promo code, you can create multiple lineups for different sports. These include:

The NBA (National Basketball Association)

The MLB (Major League Baseball)

The NHL (National Hockey League)

The NFL (American Football League)

When you register using the FanDuel promo code you can enjoy betting on NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB with the operator, both with your desktop browser as well as the FanDuel app. They also have 50/50 contests where as long as you're om the top half, you can win some cash. They also have the Sunday Million which is the largest weekly contest on FanDuel. Other than that, there are head-to-heads, multiplier contests, tournaments, and satellites & qualifiers. There are 3 to 100 players per contest. They have beginner contests where no experienced players can play against other beginners. This keeps a fair and trusted method of daily fantasy sports.

Refer a Friend Promotion

The DFS provider offers a lot of promotions and maybe you have heard about a FanDuel promo code on TV or on radio for match and games. If you have such a referral code, use the link above to get the best bonus possible.

Terms and Conditions

In 2018, by referring a friend, you can get up to 35 % of your contest fees paid by your recruited friends.

It is very easy to refer friends, you get a link you can share by email, Facebook or Twitter.

You will be paid once a month depending on how much your recruiters spend on money games.

There are big championships and tournaments with great prizes, in certain Fantasy Football Championship winners could receive up to $1 Million.

In addition, every time you enter a money game you will earn points that you can use to enter any paid contest.

Other Promotions


World Fantasy Football Championship

Win one of the seven qualifiers to be eligible to win the football heaven. This game has a lot of great prizes, such as “two tickets to paradise” which is a three night stay at the Terranea Resort. The final 100 will get to share up to $5,000,000. You can also get to go to live finals in California, meet Joe Montana and be crowned champion. The first place is $1,000,000, second place is $500,000 and third place is $300,000. You can only use one offer at a time, so make sure that you fulfill all the requirements for the FanDuel promo code before advancing to this offer.

Duel for a Difference

Join FanDuel against the fight of lupus either through your desktop browser or FanDuel app. The entry fee is $2, and each entry will be donated to the Lupus Research Alliance. This organization aims to find a cure for lupus through research. You can use this offer at the same time as you redeem your FanDuel promo code. As if this donation wasn't enough, you also get to play for autographed footballs, jerseys, and team gear. All you have to do is enter the charity contest and spend $2, the fees will go to the research alliance, and then the top 27 players will win the fun merchandise.

$300 NFL Survivor

In this FanDuel review we found this to be one of the best offers. With this promo you have to play five rounds of NFL. You need to win the first four rounds in order to be able to enter the finals and become one of the people who win $200,000. In order to enter, all you need to do is create 50 lineups in the first round for $2. If you survive the first round you get to enter the second for free. You also have the possibility of wining $25,000 in the first four rounds.

Deposit Methods

In this FanDuel review we found that the operator works very much like other DFS operators. You can pay either via credit card or Paypal. Credit card options are Visa, MasterCard and Discover. As with pretty much everything else with this FanDuel review, this is an easy method.

FanDuel App


FanDuel is also available to play with your mobile device. Just go to the site in your browser, pick your teams and play. FanDuel has an app for Andoid users as well as iOS supporters. The FanDuel app resembles the desktop version, and is therefore super easy to use. Betting and using the FanDuel promo codes works in the same way as it would through the desktop version.

Customer Support

In this FanDuel review we found that their customer service can be located under “support” at the bottom of the landing page. Thereon you will get to choose from a nine main topics which lead you to frequently asked questions:

It's a varied selection of FAQ‘s which is sure to help you out with the issues you have with the operator, be it with the FanDuel promo code or FanDuel app. You can contact their customer support via phone, 1-800-475-2250, or via email and the operator is sure to answer your questions.

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Register with the FanDuel promo code for 2018
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