Rebel Bingo – A Rave with added balls

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A chaos of feather boas, glitter, chanting and numbered balls in East London? Rebel Bingo is a very modern update of grandma’s favorite game.

This is not for the faint-hearted so if you're conservative about your balls, we advise you to stop reading now.

How it started

The founders of Rebel Bingo started their mad endeavor by throwing parties in old church halls, when one fateful night one of them discovered an old bingo set in the basement.

Combining this traditional game with the spirit of hedonistic raves it was here that Rebel Bingo began to take its roots.

And since its launch, the game of bingo has never been the same again. Betminded went to check it out, with neon Lycra and body paint at the ready…

“A night to remember…”

Turning up at the “secret” location, I didn't really know what to expect.

After hanging around in the cold for a bit, the crowd was herded into a room with a massive stage and each handed a simple bingo card.

I hadn't seen one of these since I'd been dragged down to my local village hall by an elderly family member but I knew this game would have nothing OAP about it.

After tucking it safely into my pocket, my friends and I ordered a few drinks and pretty soon we'd forgotten that this wasn't your average night. A crowd of excitable hipsters and cans of Red Stripe: a typical Friday in East London.

A few hours of dancing in, a group of glamorous burlesque dancers appeared on stage and the game of bingo began in a sea of corsets, chains and healthy amount of feathers.

The lovely ladies were also joined by a very jumpy MC, who hurled inanities into a microphone.


The game was very simple, if you got a full row, you had to go up and check it with the MC.

If you were right, you were given a prize in a haze of smoke and drunken cheers, however if you were mistaken the word “LOSER” flashed up on a giant LCD screen.

Since the numbers are called out very fast, many people found themselves drifting up to stage with no real idea if they were right. At this point everyone was far from sober and it was hard to keep up with the pace.

There was a hedonistic vibe which I never ever thought could be associated with bingo. We all egged each other on and soon I was jumping manically along with the crowd.

Thankfully, I never even got near to filling a row so I managed to stay safely away from the stage.

After the games, the music was cranked up even higher and the party continued until dawn.

The marker pens we'd been given to tick of our numbers were quickly re-purposed and I left the venue covered in random doodles which people had drawn all over me.


Review: full marks for Rebel Bingo

Rebel Bingo is an innovative series of bingo-themed club nights which now exists all over the world.

Time Out called it “one brilliant headlock of a night” and at Betminded, we couldn't agree more.

Tickets: £13 each but these sell out fast so book ASAP.

Location: UK, USA and Spain. Upcoming dates are in Camden and Clapham in London until April 2016.

Dress Code: hipster chic, Burlesque, rave decadence. Feather headpiece or crocodile print leggings wouldn't go amiss.

If you are a young bingo player with an appetite for late nights, this is definitely your scene.

The callers will use foul language and there is a high chance that you will miss your numbers but this will certainly be a night to remember.

Main Rule: anything goes.


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Rebel Bingo – A Rave with added balls
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