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Ever dreamed of being the manager of your own professional sports team? FantasyFeud lets you take over the reigns of your squad and lead it to victory through various types of rapid fire fantasy sporting play.

Covering a vast array of sports, from professional leagues to college ball, and diverse modes of draft, Fantasy Feud also includes community functions to challenge your friends directly.

Also, members at FantasyFeud are entitled to various codes and bonuses to increase their cash earnings. Start enjoying your bonuses now by signing in here and entering BetMinded's special code “FANTABET”.

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Promotional Codes

FantasyFeud offers many different promotions and codes available to players on its platform:

  • Deposit offers
  • Referring friends
  • Special promotions

Thus, whether you enter a bonus code while making a deposit to your user account on Fantasy Feud, recruiting a friend via your personnal referral code, or participating in an exclusive offer, you can receive bonuses that will be credited to your account.

However, these funds will be added to the “pending bonus” section of your account, and will not immediately be available for withdrawal. They will become available to you through entering paid contests on Fantasy Feud, at a rate of 5% of the entry fee. For example, if you join a $20 league, $1 (5% of $20) will be automatically transfered from your “pending bonus” account into your regular account from which you can withdraw at any moment.


Voucher Dollars

Another form of reward open to Fantasy Feud users are voucher dollars: coupons for a specific value in dollars that may be redeemed when paying for contest entry fees. These coupons can be earned in freeroll leagues and other types of special contests hosted by FantasyFeud. Like the “pending bonus” section of your account, these voucher dollars may not be withdrawn from your account. However, earnings from contests paid by coupons will be transferable in full from your player account to your regular checking account.

Modes of Play

Fantasy Feud offers a wide variety of contests and modes of play for users seeking to enter daily contests for free or for cash. Players may choose from a wide selection of contests: NBA, NHL, PGA, NFL, MLB, Olympic Games and College Basketball. In addition, different leagues offer each of the following game types:

  • Salary Cap: to get into the manager's role and set your roster with a fixed $1 million budget.
  • Pro Pick 'em: select one player from 10 boxes to build your prefered lineup. Each box lists up to 8 players to choose from.
  • Snake Draft: classic fantasy game mode where members compete amongst each other during the draft. A single player may only be drafted once.

In addition, Fantasy Feud offers new, community gaming tools to enjoy your fantasy sporting experience with your friends. Aside from to being able to recruit your friends in exchange for a referral bonus to be added to your account, you may also challenge your friends through FantasyFeud's “create a custom league” function in the draft lobby as well as heat up the competition via the integrated chatroom.

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Fantasy Feud referral code : FANTABET
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