What are the best odds for Portugal vs Spain Betting?

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It’s not every day that you get to experience such an intense moment like hearing that two European warriors will face each other at the 2018 World Cup finals. And this is not just in the group stage but in the long-awaited opening game too.

This will be an amazing sample of what the 2018 edition will look like especially for Morocco and Iran, teams that will go through some pretty tough emotions before facing these teams. The Portugal vs Spain game will be breath-taking, and this is a statement based on how both have performed so far. Spain has been a champion in 2017 when they’ve beaten Italy with such a passion that it’s hard not to think how ferocious the 2018 match will be.

Portugal wasn’t too far off either. They’ve faced Sweden and Chile with ‘magna cum laude’, and everything that has happened at Euro 2016 worked as a pledge that they will come on strong in 2018 too.

For the fifth time, Portugal and Spain will meet again at the World Cup. Up until now, Spain has been head of the pack with 3 wins and one draw. But who knows how Portugal will change history this year…

The Portugal vs Spain Betting

Portugal vs Spain betting

Portugal will need to play safe. It is the opening game, after all, and whatever happens there can dictate the course of their entire action. Losing might switch off the team’s enthusiasm and nothing will be the same from that moment onwards. If they play smart, then thinking more about their defence should be top priority. Keep in mind though, Portugal, unlike Spain, are more likely to play for a goalless draw. It would be in their best interest.

Betting on the total goals

At Euro 2016, Portugal was number one and they were very focused on defence. Remember the tight game between Portugal and Hungary, which ended with a 3 to 3 draw? They have to prepare for a stronger attack now.

Spain has a portfolio of 33 goals in 10 matches ticked off in 2017. If we are to mention what happened in 2016, we need to add that only Georgia and Italy managed to stop Spain from scoring. At Euro 2016, Portugal didn’t have any matches with more than 2.5 goals, only 2 goals in 6 matches.

This year, we can certainly expect a very tight encounter from the very beginning. Spain will probably attack first, and the end of the match might very well end under 2.5 goals; and it’s fair to say that an outcome with under 1.5 goals is not that improbably either. For the World Cup betting, the majority of bookmakers go for under 2.5 goals, with odds at 8/11 (consider the time of writing this piece).

Winning margin

If we take into consideration that no goals will be scored at this match, then the margin of victory doesn’t look too good. Although, we have to bear in mind that Portugal and Spain had only 2 draws in their last 6 encounters, and all their matches were really tight. Spain defeated Italy big time in 2017, but that doesn’t mean that their attack tactics will be the same as were then. It really depends on how Julen Lopetegui will map out the defence plan and whether he wants to go for a tough approach in the finals of the tournament or not.

Portugal team 2018

Nonetheless, in the Portugal vs Spain betting, the margin of victory shows that either side can win by one goal at 13/10 odds, with Spain at 5/2 and Portugal at 5/1. The odds look good for either side to win by two goals too – at 16/5. Spain winning by two goals is at 9/2 and Portugal scoring and winning with two goals is at 16/1 for the moment.

The Portugal vs Spain betting: wager on players

Probably the whole world knows who is the biggest name to bet on this year: Cristiano Ronaldo. All the more so, since this might very well be his last World Cup final, so he may be planning to go out in style. Aged 32, he already missed out most of the Euro 2016 tournament, so at the 2018 World Cup, it's likely for him to want to make up for the lost time there. If thinking to bet on Portugal’s top scorer, then Ronaldo must be on your top list. Nani is also someone to keep in mind. With 24 goals in 112 caps, he is the only player to reach double figures for international goals (alongside Andre Silva, of course).

David Villa Spain

But there are others in Spain’s team too who managed to tick off double-figure goals for the country. Plus, David Villa came back last year, which can make for an interesting comeback match at the World Cup. Diego Costa is another name worth mentioning. After putting his career on hold for 6 months, his 3 goals in 4 appearances can boost your chances of winning if you bet on him. Don’t forget though that he did receive a red card during his playing for Spain. That may be something to keep on the list if you are thinking about a bet on Spain.

Our match prediction in the Portugal vs Spain betting

All the signs seem to indicate a Spain win, plain and simple. They are among the favourites, but for some reason, you just can’t dismiss Portugal’s capabilities. It’s hard to imagine that they won’t defend their pride and try to take on the world this year. They are known for their fearless defence and, if nothing else, then they can offer us a low-scoring match too. If you bet on Portugal, keep in mind their most recent history, playing techniques, weaknesses and strong points, as we recommend a 1 – 0 outcome for Spain for the 2018 Word cup betting.

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What are the best odds for Portugal vs Spain Betting?
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