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With the 2015 general election coming up on the 7th of May, political betting is on fire. Here how's to cash-in on your country's precarious future.

The Basics

Political betting came about very naturally.

Every party has odds: there are called opinion polls and countries spend thousands of pounds gathering that information every year.

Now, operators are actually giving punters a chance to place money on the odds.

From the next Prime Minister or US president to Eurozone specials, there are hundreds of online betting markets for politics.

If voters are willing to place a vote on a candidate, it is no stretch of the imagination to think that punters might wager a tenner on the same person.

Political markets are usually listed under Sports for every top operator. Can you kick it to the politicians?

The Top Operators

They are many operators who give their members a chance to wager real-money on political outcomes.

Here are 5 who stood out for us.

William Hill

William Hill offers its members a wide choice of markets both within the UK and internationally.

Top wagers include:


  • The Next London Mayor
  • Who will deliver the first budget after the 2015 general election
  • The predicted date of the next British female prime minister
  • 2015 Election results broken down by constituency


  • Results of the 2017 French Election
  • The first country to leave the Eurozone
  • The next Republican presidential nominee

William Hill's selection is great because it gives punters the opportunity to wager on both local and global politics.

Members are able to place their money on their next MP or a take a very wild guess at when we can expect a second female prime minister after Thatcher.

William Hill Boris Johnson

Paddy Power

Paddy Power has an even wider selection of markets than William Hill.

Their selection of UK wagers packs a punch and they even offer wagers on Charlotte Clinton Mezvinky specifically

Here are the highlights of their selection:


  • The date of the next Scottish referendum
  • Predicting the number of Cabinet ministers who will lose their seat
  • Number of seats per party


  • Results of the gay marriage referendum
  • Predicting if there will be shared sovereignty between Britain and Spain in Gibraltar by 2025
  • What will be Obama's lowest approval rating up until 2016?

Paddy Power offers the classical bets such as the next US president or UK prime minister but they also provide wagers on very niche issues.

This operator is suited to punters with very sharp political opinions who love to speculate on very remote and specifics political factors.

Paddy Power- Hilary Clinton


Betfair has a really enticing politics section complete with editorial content to advise members about each market.

Their selection offers a unique focus on European politics, they are a good platform if you want to wager on:

  • Whether Greece will still be in the eurozone in 2015
  • The next Danish Prime Minister
  • The Next French President

You can also predict the next presidential candidates in the US and Australia as well as place classic bets on UK politics.

This platform is tailored to the less experienced political better who prefer more simple wagers with tips.

Betfair Ed milliband


If you are into Italian Politics then Ladbrokes is the operator for you.

You can also bet on:


  • The number of UKIP seats (if any)
  • Whether Ed Milliband will be replaced as the Labour leader in 2015
  • The next Chancellor of the Exchequer


  • The next Italian President
  • The next US President

Although Ladbrokes has a very meaty section when it comes to UK markets, they lack the same international offering as their competitors.

This platforms is for fanatics of British politics. They have many wagers which focus on the smaller parties.

If you want to bet outside the big 3, this is the operator for you.

Ladbrokes Obama


  • Best for Europe: Ladbrokes and William Hill
  • Best for overall offering: Paddy Power
  • Best for simplicity and tips: Betfair


The main advantage that punters have when betting on politics is that the odds are based on polls which usually correlate directly to the results.

However, their may be exceptions to this rule.

In general, the way to win is the stay informed.

Elections are quite easy to predict but countries leaving the Eurozone may be harder to narrow down unless you keep up with current affairs.

It's also a good idea to compare the odds across all platforms.

If you live in Europe, there are alot to choose from, for US voters, matters are a little trickier…

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