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Due to the introduction of the new gambling legislation in Ireland there will be some changes on the Irish and UK gambling market soon. There might be an introduction of a new website and afterwards possibly a one too.
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With the introduction of the Irish Gamling Control Bill online casinos, bookmakers and betting exchanges will need an Irish gaming licence. When the operator is located within Ireland but also when the enterprise is located in another country. As soon as the draft is through operators will have to apply for a licence and will have to pay taxes too. We are pretty sure that will exist on the Irish market due to Pokerstars occurence in many other regulated countries.

Team Pokerstars UK & Ireland

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Play with the elite team of poker champions. The 2 countries form one group of pro players from the UK and Ireland that includes World Series bracelet winners, WPT and EPT champions and European poker legends. In case you are interested in becoming a professional player this is your chance:

  • win the qualifications
  • take part in the Grand Finals with other pros
  • represent your country within the Team Pokerstars UK & Ireland

Other regulated Markets

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Pokerstars already exists (or soon will) with special domains on other regulated markets like:

  • France –
  • Spain –
  • Germany –

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: and does not exist yet, but due to the new Irish gambling legislation this might be the case soon.


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