Poker Deposit Bonus: How much money does it really take to earn my bonus?

The most misleading aspect of deposit bonuses is that you don’t receive them as soon as you deposit.  You need to earn them by collecting player/loyalty points.

How much will it take to get the loyalty points required?

Usually a loyalty points system is used to earn your bonus.

You get loyalty points from each game you play and the amount depends on the rake taken.  So, the more money you play with the quicker you can earn your bonus.  You can calculate how much money you’ll need to stake for your bonus using the rake-to-points chart on the poker site.

For example: I have deposited £30 and will receive a £30 bonus.  I need 510 Points to release my bonus. I receive 1 Point every time I pay £1 in Rake or tournament entry fees.  So 510 x 1 = £510.  However, this is not the actual amount that I need to spend– the rake is only a percentage of what I have contributed to the pot of each game. If I pay £1 entry fee and £10 to go into the prize pool (a  £11 tournament entry fees), this £10 does not count towards earning Points.

How do I fund the poker games?

There are 2 ways to fund your poker games to accrue loyalty points:

  • by depositing more cash
  • by winning games and using your winnings – for the majority of online poker players this is not possible for the entirety, but if you’re confident in your poker skills this allows you to avoid depositing more money

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