Poker: 5 videos to take your trash talk to the next level

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Gambling is a game for most of us, but this doesn't mean it's easy as pie. Some professional poker players are known for the outrageous language they use when they gamble their luck away.

Have a look at these videos that show you how not to make a fool of yourself, when gambling.

1. Tony G, the one and only

At The International Championship 2008, Tony G, known as a very aggressive player, was giving out to Ralph Perry, after a not-that-lucky move. That's one great example coming from a member of the European Parliament.

 2. Ahoy, swear like a sailor!

Punters use various techniques to mislead their opponents. Poker face is the most common among them, and for those who play in a professional way, there is always… swearing.

3. Punter Comedy

Make no mistakes: with all the cursing and bad feelings, players are fun to watch as well. Especially, when they are losing again and again. They never know when and what to say at the table. They just flip out.

4. Feeling blue?

It's not a coincidence that you can see security guards paying so much attention at every gambling tournament. Punters can get extremely tense. Extremely, we say.

5. Learn from the best

When it comes to a big-stake poker table, even the greatest gamblers can't maintain their cold attitude in front of all the others. Should they?

“It's hard to convince a winner that he's losing.”

Mike Caro

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Poker: 5 videos to take your trash talk to the next level
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