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Picklive is a real-time fantasy sports game where you can start fresh every day. Instead of the season long commitment with traditional fantasy sports, you can start and finish a new game every day. With Picklive Promo Code for 2018 you get a free roll ticket when register by clicking on the link below.

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How to get the Picklive promotional code available in 2018?

The registration process is quick and easy. Just fill in the form and then you are a member and ready to create your own fanatsy team. With Picklive promo code you get a free roll ticket on your account as a welcome gift.You can pay with VISA, Mastercard and Skrill when you make your deposit.

Picklive is about to launch in the US. All data comes from Opta and Picklive built their own scoring system to make the games work for every day play.


How to play

Picklive offers a new way of playing Fantasy Football where you just play whenever you prefer and can start with a clean sheet the next day if things don't go your way. They mixed Fantasy Football, Social Gaming and In-Play Betting in to a new kind of game. So how does it work?

You go to the lobby and select your team of 5 players on the picking page where you find the available games for the day. When the games starts you earn points according to Picklives scoring system for your team. You can makes sub in your team during the game. If your team wins, you earn money. In the lobby you find the schedule for all upcoming games.

The environment is similar to a poker room where you choose the number of opponents and how much you want to play for. The smallest entry fee for the games  is £5. Use the Picklive Promo Code for 2018 to get your free roll ticket. Once the games has started, you follow the game in the Picklive stadium where your points are updated in real time. You can follow your scores on the leaderboard and chat with the other players.

View this tutorial to learn more about how to play on Picklive.

Games available

For the moment there is mainly football games that are available to play, but that depends on the season. Picklives vision is to offer social game for every sport .

Refer a friend

When inviting a friend to Picklive, both you and your friend earn £3 on to your accounts once your friend has entered a game in the cash room.

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Picklive promo code – coupon 2018
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