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Once you have chosen a good deposit bonus there are ways to make the most out of it and earn the maximum poker bonus possible. With most new player poker bonuses the 1st deposit you make will be doubled/ tripled.  Occasionally you’ll find a no-deposit bonus. Whether you’re just starting out or a regular winner, this article will explain you how to make the most of your double or triple deposit bonus.


1/ Deposit the Right Amount
1.1/ What to look out for at the site
1.2/Consider your level of poker
2/ Open your Poker Account with Free Time to Play

Remember when reading this advice:  it will take more than your 1st deposit to earn your bonus and the amount you’re prepared to spend should therefore not be the amount of your 1st deposit. This is because the points needed to release the bonus depend on rake and not the amount you stake at the table.

1. Deposit the Right Amount

Since your 1st deposit really counts you want to give yourself the biggest bonus possible without being unrealistic. To be sure that you’ll release it you will need to consider :

  • the characteristics of the poker room and its bonus
  • and hether it suits your level of poker.

1.1 What to Look Out For at the Site

Find out the following before deciding on the 1st deposit amount:

  • The overall skill level of the poker room – if it is high you should count less on getting any winnings to stake with, if it is particularly low you can factor winnings into your spending power
  • Time limit on the bonus – working out how much you’d spend in 1 month at the site is all very well but if the time limit turns out to be 90 days you’ll have missed the opportunity to triple your bonus amount
  • Type of bonus and when you receive it – the advice below is for deposit match bonuses which are credited to you in their entirety once the point requirement has been met; if your bonus is released in instalments it is likely that you will earn some bonus if not all

1.2 Consider your level of poker

If you are confident in your poker

Don’t underestimate how much bonus you can gain: make the biggest deposit possible (without going broke, obviously). Take your potential winnings into account when thinking about how much you have to spend. Although winning a hand doesn’t contribute to your points any more than losing, when you win games you get more chips to play for your bonus with. If you play it safe with a small deposit of €10 and go on to win €20 in a tournament you’ll find yourself with more funds to release the bonus than you’d previously thought.

Check the time limit on the bonus before deciding how much to deposit- if you normally spend £200 a month at a poker room and the time limit is 60 days you can allow for £400 of spending.

If you are still learning

It’s good to be ambitious but be realistic about how much you will play.  The maximum bonus amount will always take a certain amount of poker chips to release. Be sure to put no more than half of your monthly poker budget into your account for your 1st deposit. If you can’t rely on any winnings remember that you will need to make more than 1 deposit in order to accrue enough player points.

The maximum bonus amount is always tempting but it’s important to remember that to release it you’ll have to deposit more of your own cash than the value of the bonus. These huge incentives are only realistic for those players who win very regularly and therefore don’t need to keep depositing.

2. Open your Poker Account when you have Free Time to Play

The bigger your 1st deposit the more demanding on your time earning the bonus will be, and usually you will be given 30 days to play for it. Chances are you will need to dedicate an hour or more a day to playing poker, so if you know you will be getting time off work or similar in the near future it might be worth waiting until then to make your first deposit. That way you know you’ll have enough time to release your entire bonus.

If you find a poker room that’s offering Freerolls on sign-up or a no-deposit bonus, this is a good place to start playing as you can take advantage of the offers given without having to deposit until you have all the time you need to release the deposit bonus you choose.


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