Online Betting guide


Anyone who is new to online sports and casino betting sites may find them confusing or hard to understand – with the terminology and ‘betting speak’ that experts take for granted. But this online betting guide will show even the newest of online bettors that once you get the hang of it, using online casinos and sports betting sites is very easy.

We will cover a range of options for anyone interested in online betting and preview some of the things you should expect to see on the sites.

The Rise of Online Betting Sites

The popularity of online betting has grown incredibly over the past few years and now there are plenty of options of where to place a bet – wherever you live in the world.

Online betting sites have demystified the gambling world and embraced new customers and players, making the process of playing casino games or placing a bet a far more inclusive pastime. With many sites including extensive ‘how to’ sections there is no need for anyone to worry about not knowing the basics of online betting.

How to Bet Online

This online betting guide is perfect for novices and seasoned players alike but the first thing that you need to know about betting at online sites is that you will need to sign up for a customer account first.

In this guide, you will be able to find out all about betting offers and promo codes – so we will not go into much detail here – but with all the choice available these days we would recommend doing your research into the betting site that suits you. This might mean what games are available – or the range of sports betting markets – but with more betting sites springing up all the time customers have never had so much to choose from.

Types of Online Betting Sites

You may enjoy all types of online betting – and you will find that there are plenty of places you can go to that cover the full range of betting opportunities – but there are also more selective sites to opt for if you are interested in a narrower range of betting opportunities.


Betting on sports has been popular since way before the rise of the internet, but online sports betting sites have been able to reach people who were always interested in placing sports bets but were maybe unsure of high street bookmakers.

Most online sports bookmakers these days offer betting markets on events and tournaments from across the world – from the biggest football match to the smallest niche sport competition. Customers can use their knowledge and expertise to bet on events at any time of the day and many of these sites have a wealth of statistics and analysis to inform selections.


Whether it is the traditional table games such as blackjack and baccarat or the quickfire excitement of jackpot slots – online casino sites now bring the glitz and glamour into the comfort of your own home.

You can even choose from live dealers to make your gameplay even more immersive and there is always a selection of promotions and bonuses to help you along the way.

Sign Up and Play

Whatever your selection, you can now choose from a huge range of sites to play and bet. This online betting guide is here to help you make the most of that experience.

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