Multilotto invitation code 2019: enter “MULTIMAX”

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The online lottery website MultiLotto has a lot to offer including big names like Mega Millions, EuroMillions and Powerball. It is is very clear and easy to use. Additionally, new customers will get 100% deposit bonus when signing up with our exclusive  Multi Lotto invitation code “MULTIMAX”.

Click on our special link or on the button below to receive your bonus.

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Invitation code box

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How to redeem your invitation code and claim your bonus

Please follow these simple steps to redeem your invitation code:

  1. Click on the above link or button to access the website
  2. Sign up (with valid personal details)
  3. Enter the code “MULTIMAX” into the designated box
  4. Type in your mobile phone number
  5. You will receive the MultiLotto verification code on your mobile
  6. Enter the code
  7. Get your bonus

How to Play

The site offers a number of lottery Games to choose from.

Please note that the operator does not create original lottery games, they have merely built a forum in which you may access all the major lottery Games from across the world.

In order to play any of theses games, its incredibly simple.

All you need to do is follow these 3 basic steps:

  1. Choose your lottery Game
  2. Enter your numbers
  3. Make the payment

Huge Jackpots

Multilotto website

The site offers unbelievable jackpots to win while playing on the lottery website from all around the world. For example you can play lotteries in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and in lots of other countries within Europe.

However, bear in mind that the site only accepts non US residents as members.

Billionaire Shop

Ferrari Billionaire Shop

To give you a taste of the lifestyle which the lottery may give you access, Multilotto is affiliated with the Billionaire Shop.

You will be given the opportunity to browse through a selection of boats, cars, houses and watches with staggeringly high prize tags.

They truly offer more a millionaire could ever desire.

Once you find a decadent item which tickles your fancy, there are two ways to make it yours:

You can either “Buy now” if you are lucky enough to have 35k in your account. However, even if those riches are not yet in your possession you may try your luck at the lottery.

Indeed, you will get the opportunity to pay the small sum of €4 for each of these treat through the purchase of a Multilottery ticket.

Simply click on “Buy the easy way” to be redirected.

MultiLotto Mobile Version

Although the operator has yet to develop a designated mobile app and mobile version of the site exists.

This means that when members are on-the-go they may log in and use the site exactly as they would do on their computer.

Since the site is known for its safe payments, the mobile version is no different.

You can buy tickets from your phone completely securely and conveniently. 

A mobile app may be launched at some point in the future but this seems unlikely since all the lottery games features have their own apps already.

 Multilotto advert “New York Lottery's Powerball Invasion”

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