Looking for DraftStreet promo code and referral 2018?

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NOTE: Draftstreet now belongs to Draftkings, the information provided below is obsolete.


At DraftStreet you can play in daily and weekly fantasy leagues and win cash. Are you looking for a DraftStreet promo or referral code? You find all you need to know here. At DraftStreet you can play fantasy leagues in multiple games. They offer fantasy leagues in football, baseball, basketball, hockey and golf.

How to register

The register process is very simple, just press the button above for your DraftStreet promo code for 2018, choose sign up and fill in the fields that are required. You get right in to the Draft Lobby and are ready to start playing fantasy leagues.

Get up to a $100 bonus on your first deposit with the DraftStreet deposit code. You can pay with VISA, Paypal, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Withdrawals are made through Paypal or by check.

Please note that residents of the following states only may participate in the free contests and are not eligible to win any cash prizes; Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, Vermont, Quebec and where otherwise prohibited.


Fantasy Leagues

At DraftStreet you can play daily and weekly games in different fantasy sports.There are free games daily as well as games with a fee from $5 to $215. You can play in the following leagues; NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and PGA. To the right on the screen you have a live chat where you can interact with other players. You easily choose the league and type of drafts you want to make in the Draft Lobby.

Draft Styles

There are a few different ways you can pick your draft at DraftStreet.com.

Salary Cap Leagues

In the Salary Cap League you can choose your roster immediately. You have $100.000 to spend on players and to get an approved team you cannot exceed this amount or leave a empty roster spot.

Pick ‘Em Leagues

Like Salary Cap Leagues, you can start picking your team right away. In the Draft Room, 8 tiers of players will be presented to you. You choose a player from eadh tie until yoyu have your team. Your roster can be changed right until the first game.

Snake-draft Leaugues

Snake-drafts are more instant play for those who like more action. They start 5 min after they are full and you get 45 seconds to make each pick

Survivor Tournaments

If you are mor patient, a survivor tournament might fit you better than a snake-draft. A Survivor tournament lasts for 3  days.


Recruiting Friends

On your account, you find a DraftStreet referral code you can send to friends and get bonus when they register and deposit. You can share the recruiting code as it is, by a link or send an email to your friends with instructions. When they register, you can follow their actions and look forward to your monthly bonus who will be paid depending on how much your friends play.

2018 Mobile Offer

DraftStreet is also available through your mobile. When register with DraftStreet Promo code for 2018 you have the possibility to get a bonus up to $100 on your first deposit even here. Keep track and do your draft wherever you want.

Looking for more fantasy sports alternatives? Build your line-up on FanDuel today!

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Looking for DraftStreet promo code and referral 2018?
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