How to Cheat at Online Poker

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Poker Cheating logoThe Online Poker industry is thriving and there is a lot of cash to be made. However the impersonal model of online platforms puts operators at risk of foul play.

Although mechanisms are in place to detect suspicious user behaviors, is it possible to trick the system?

There are misinformed rumors that top operators are cheating their users by rigging the game in order to encourage new players and increase traffic.

In fact, operators strive to run a fair platform whilst some users have a very different agenda.

We have done our research and found that poker players have a few tricks up their sleeves to by-pass the system and reap the rewards. Nevertheless, in most cases, victory is short-lived.

Getting caught results in big consequences for those gutsy players.

Creating multiple accounts

Several colourful heads lined upIf you are an avid reader of Betminded, then you will already know that most poker sites offer a very enticing welcome bonus for new members.

This bonus will be restricted to one person per address, however, thrill-seeking players can find ways to create several accounts by making up different user names, creating fictitious addresses and using software to hide their IP address.

You may also play the same game of online poker utilizing several accounts at the same time, thus giving you a clear advantage.


  • You don't have to be a tech whizz to manage this cheat
  • You will get the short-term satisfaction of several bonuses
  • You may use to 2 accounts to become two players simultaneously in one game, you can therefore see more cards and increase your chances of winning


  • If your multiple accounts are created purely for a bonus then the rewards are only profitable in the short term and you need to keep creating new accounts for new bonuses
  • If your multiple accounts are created to have 2 players in one game, it is much easier to get caught
  • If you get caught, this is a clear case of fraud therefore your bank roll will be frozen and you may be blocked from using the sites permanently
  • Many online poker sites ask for ID to cash out, if you use a false ID, a semi innocent cheat with turn into identity fraud which is a more serious crime.

Note: It is not fraud to create accounts on several different sites and it is even advisable to join a few in order to get good joining offers without any risk of cheating.

If you are interested in joining a new platform, check out the latest Winagames bonus code.


Satirical cartoon sourced from the Guardian.comThere have been scandals in the past when players have acquired robots to automatically play on their behalf.

Selling “poker bots” is actually a profitable business venture, “games assistance softwares” retail at around $100 dollars and are available for purchase online.

There are many forums with reviews to allow users to make an informed decision about which bot to use.

However, review shows that very few bots are actually cutting edge enough to cheat multi-billion dollar betting operators who have a team of highly qualified developpers to detect automatized users on their sites. 


  • The bots never tire out or need a break
  • They make good strategic decisions if the software is well designed


  • Playing for hours on end without a break alerts suspicions and increases the risks of getting caught cheating
  • Getting caught is highly likely, in 2010 the players who got caught scamming Full Tilt Poker with bots, were forced to give back their winning to the players who had lost to a programmed robot.

Online Help

Poker Tracker Logo imageFor a less extreme form of online help than an automated bot, inexperienced players can share their screen with an expert friends set up to them pick up wins like the pro's.

How does this work if you don't know anyone who is a poker whizz? Sites offering poker coaching are a readily available commodity.

Additionally, there are also specialized softwares sold by companies like Poker Tracker to help players optimize their game.


  • There is more of a fine line about whether or not this is cheating and the software is often directly tailored to all the main poker platforms
  • Optimization software use the information that is made available to them by the betting platforms and feed it to player in real time throughout the game


  • Since this isn't outright cheating, it also doesn't give players an outright advantage, it merely provides users with extra insights into the game. Your chances are increased but winning is still not a certainty.

 Chip Dumping

Asstd Poker chipsChip dumping stems for the idea of strength in numbers.Chip dumping includes teaming up with another player and actually giving them chips to ensure they go further in the game. 

Two generous stack, are worth more combined than a huge stack and a losing one. Of course, the chip dumpers agree to split winnings at the end of a tournament


  • Chip dumping can be more subtle to detect than some of the other cheats if it is well executed


    • It is difficult to find a partner in crime
    • Punishments are severe

Instant Messaging

facebook, skype, gmail and i chat logosAnother way of combining two minds in one strategy by having an instant chat via skype, facebook, wassap or gmail. This technique can also feeds into chip dumping


  • This is a more versatile way of cheating as you can use the communication to put many different strategies in practice


  • If repeated often most online poker platforms will start to notice a pattern when the same pair of players are on the same table, to stay under the radar you must keep switching partners

Super Users

This is for the professional hackers, the real con artists and the people who are prepared to work within the operator's offices to get privileged access into the system.

The most notable case of super user fraud occurred against Ultimate Bets from 2003 to 2007. Although the whole thing was orchestrated by Russ Hamilton, it was an inside job as many employees including the operator's former fraud manager, got involved. To read the full story visit poker news .

In short, super user poker scandals involve creating various fraudulent accounts and abusing a position of power to accumulate wealth.


  • This is the most large scale, ambitious and thus profitable of all the cheating mechanism


  • Since 2007, operators have really tightened up their security
  • If you are a hacker, you may as well opt for credit card fraud, the world of fraud and criminality is your oyster


This article is simply relating various ways to cheat online. It was not created to incite acts of frauds.

  • In the UK,  poker fraud was first criminalized in 2005 and since then, new legislation has been passed to update the Gambling Act.
  • The maximum penalty for cheating at gambling is currently 2 years in prison but there were discussions in the House of Lords about raising this to 10 years
  • It is important to note that aiding and abetting is still considered a crime.
  • The operators will also punish cheaters by freezing their memberships and seizing fraudulent winnings 
  • The specifics of theses penalties will be noted in their terms and conditions

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