Footballers Who Shouldn’t have Tweeted

Footballers who shouldn’t have tweeted

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There are many footballers who know how to do their nation proud, but who simply can't be trusted with 140 characters.

When you are a international football star with millions of fans, a badly worded tweet can cost you dearly.

Here are 10 footballers, who should have put their phones back in their pockets and taken a moment to think.


1. Ryan Bertrand

Ryan Bertrand had to drop out of a game against San Marino in 2012. When rumors declared that this was due to a sore throat, the player took to twitter to defend his honour.

Sadly, his tweet ended with quite an aggressive hash-tag in which he swore at his entire fan base and community.

Due to his international profile, this footballer's fans were gravely offended by his language.He had to apologize and even Roy Hodgson stepped in to make a statement on the issue.

Ryan Bertrand Tweet

2. Darren Bent

It may have been in 2009, which is decades ago in social media years, but this tweet is highly memorable.

It's not uncommon for footballers to be heavily fined when they make a faux pas online. However, this particular slip of the tongue (or the keyboard) cost Mr Bent £120,000.

When he insulted Tottenham Chairman, Daniel Levy after his move to Sunderland had fallen through, he was given a hefty punishment despite his apologies.

Aside from Levy, Hull City and Stoke City – a club owned by the Bet365 betting platform – were also offended by this tweet which implies that both of these clubs are unworthy destinations for Mr Bent.

Bent Tweet

3. Emmanuel Frimpong

This player has now gone over to the Russian premier league but in his Arsenal days he was renown for his bad tweeting habits. In fact, his tweets were so consistently bad that he made a list of 100 worst tweeters in 2012.

Considering this, it is hard to single out one which Frimpong shouldn't have posted. There are so many misguided tweets to choose from.

Here is his latest juicy rant against Arsene Wenger. Thankfully at this point, the player was safely in Russia and could not longer get fined for his critiques.

Frimpong Tweet

4. Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole called the FA a Bunch of twats in 2013 because he disagreed with their sanctions against the Chelsea Captain. It did not go down well.

This tweet definitely shouldn't have happened. Very shortly after Cole made a formal apology and admitted he had pressed post in the heat of the moment.


5. Wojciech Szczesny

One of the baseline rules to remember about twitter and general social interactions is that rapist jokes are never funny.

This notion slipped the Arsenal Goalkeeper's mind when he commented on a photo of Aaron Ramsey saying he looked like a rapist.

Needless the say, he had to apologies for his tweet which was very offensive.

Wojciech Szczesny Tweet

6. Gavin Peacock

Gavin Peacock's brillant football career may have ended but his twitter account has not retired yet.

The ex-Chelsea player had been criticized for his sexist series of tweets which claimed that it was God's will for women to submit to men.

You can read his thread of gibberish below.

Gavin Peacock Tweet

7. Joey Barton

Joey Barton is known for his philosophical tweets on politics and the nature of violence. However, this was not the case when he used his twitter account to call PSG's Silva a “pussy” and a “overweight ladyboy”

Naturally, these remarks were not construed as laddy and light-hearted but downright homophobic.

He proved that you really shouldn't mess around with sensitive topics.


8. Rio Ferdinand 

Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand was fined £45,000 after write a tweet which refer to Ashley Cole as “choc ice”. He borrowed this racially derogatory term from a fan and choose to re-use it on social media.

A tweet may seem fairly innocent but it can have important repercussions. Read the full story on the BBC.

Rio Ferdinand

9. Jonjo Shelvey

This Liverpool player sent out an embarrassed excuse after posting a picture of a penis to his twitter.

Thankfully the evidence has been wiped from the web. And, even if it was freely available we would not be showing it…

Jonjo Shelvey

10. Reading Football Club

Last but not least, Reading FC as a whole has been prone to pretty cheap banter on Twitter.

They were featured as one of the worst teams on the site.

Reading Twitter Banter

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Footballers who shouldn't have tweeted
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