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At first, fantasy sport was just an idea that a group of friends came up with to play and have fun together. They were all passionate about sports and statistics, and sought to combine the two elements: building their own teams by picking their players – as team owners would – and having them compete on the basis of the statistics generated by the real players.

Today, what was just a passtime amongst friends has developed into a full-fledged national hobby with estimates of as much as 10% of the American population having participated in some form of fantasy league. In 2009, the TV show “The League” premiered on FX and revolved around a group of friends and their not-so-friendly contest as they participate in a fantasy league, further demonstrating the vast appeal of the game.

With all major sports represented in fantasy leagues (baseball, basketball, auto races, hockey, football, soccer, golf, and many more) and many ways to play (with friends or in networks numbering thousands of users, for fun or for money, online and offline, weekly and daily), fantasy sport's continued success also resides in its ability to make every sports fan's dream come true: to take the reigns of their team and drive it to success.

How to play

Before you start playing, you will need to complete a few preliminary steps:

  • Find a league that is both the sport you like and the type of play you are looking for
  • Sign up and create your team, which you can then personalize if you choose
  • Draft your players, arguably the funnest part of the process is hand-picking the players that will form your squad based on your order of preference

You're all set to start playing : now your team will earn points based on the performance of the players you choose to line up at every given event. You can modify your roster to try and maximize your performance. Just remember to do so before the games! Football, for example, is simple as it only requires changing once a week. Baseball, on the other hand, can be quite tedious with games sometimes several days in a row.

Also, since fantasy league games are considered a game of skill, most users from the USA and Canada can legally play on these and earn money if they win. For most states and provinces, the limit is 18 years of age, except in Alabama and Nebraska where the legal age is 19. Furthermore, residents from the states of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Washington and the Canadian province of Quebec will not be able to legally play fantasy sports for money.

Where to play

If you're unsure of where to start looking for leagues, browse our selection of sites that offer fantasy sports and the deals they each have.

fan duel logoFanDuel

FanDuel offers a broad range of options to players, be it in sports offered or in the types of play selected. Users can pick from leagues in professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey as well as college football and basketball. Moreover, players can choose whether they wish to participate in public leagues against players from around the globe, or create private leagues to play exclusively with their friends. Lastly, players can sign up for a full season of fantasy sporting, or opt for a daily games.


In addition, new users on FanDuel enjoy various benefits :

  • A bonus on your first deposit. Depending on the amount you select, you will receive free cash to use in contests. With FanDuel the more you transfer into your player account, the more you earn. For example, making a $10 deposit will earn you a 30% bonus, and putting $200 in your account will allow you a 75% bonus.
  • In addition, any deposit allows you to participate in the weekly freeroll
  • A cash bonus for referring your friends. Share your membership by email, on Facebook, or via Twitter and get up to 35% of your contest fees paid by your recruited friends.
  • Earn points each time you enter a paid game and redeem them to enter paid contests for free

All bonuses are credited to your “pending bonus” account. Rather than offering immediate cash, the bonus is converted into money with every buy-in you pay. For example, if you recieve a $150 bonus on your first deposit, this ammount will first go into the “pending bonus” section of your player profile. With each paid league you join, however, this amount will be converted to cash a a rate of 4% of the buy-in. So, if you join a $25 league, $& (4% of $25) will be credited to your actual account and be transferable to your regular checking account.

Lastly, although FanDuel does not  have a dedicated application, you can still pick your roster and play by connecting to the website via your web browser on your tablet or mobile.

For more information on FanDuel, including how to register and earn a deposit bonus of up to 75%, follow the link to this article.

Fantasy Feud

On FantasyFeud, players can enjoy a diversity of daily contests for free or for money. Picking from a variety of sports including NBA, NHL, PGA, CBB, NFL, MLB, as well as College Basketball and the Olympics. Lastly, Fantasy Feud offers a wide selection of draft modes for players to find the experience they are looking for:

  • Snake Draft: classic draft mode during which everyone waits his turn to pick a player. Players cannot be present in several rosters.
  • Salary Cap: fit into the manager's shoes and pick your team on a $1 million budget.
  • Pro Pick 'em: add to the challenge by picking one player from each box to compose your roster. Similar to Snake Draft, minus the waiting.

Additionally, social functions developed on the site allow you to chat with your friends or challenge them in public or private, standard or custom leagues.

Members on Fantasy Feud are entitled to a broad range of bonuses:

  • Deposit bonuses – when you transfer funds to your player account using a code
  • Friend referral – a personal code to recruit friends allows you to enjoy the proceeds
  • Special offers – time-limited, exclusive promotions
  • Cash vouchers – earned in freerolls and special events, these may be redeemed for participation in cash contests

For more information on FantasyFeud's offers and tips on how to obtain a referral code when signing up to the service, refer to the following article.

draft kings logo


Draft Kings offer a fun and easy selection of fantasy sport contests representing all major sporting events from MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL and college football and basketball. Contestants can play for free or for money in rapid fire contests including Freerolls, Guarranteed Prize Pools, Sit N' Go, Double Up, Qualifier, Winner Takes All, Multi-Entry, and Multi-Match Head-to-Head. For all these, no waiting is required : games are either daily or weekly, all drafts are salary capped to avoid long waits in snake draft modes, and no team management is required beyond the initial draft.

Additionally, players on DraftKings are offered several promotions:

  • Earn Frequent Player Points every time you enter a paid contest and redeemed them for free entry to paid contests.
  • Share a link to DraftKings to your friends and earn up to 40% on every referral you make
  • 100% Deposit Bonus on your first deposit on the site.

Please note, your bonuses are valid exclusively for entry to contests on Draft Kings and may not be redeemed for cash. Your earnings, however, may be withdrawn out of your player account and into your bank. Also, Frequent Player Points are valid for a limited time only, after which they expire and may not be used.

DraftKings is not yet available on a dedicated smartphone application. You may, however, log in to the site via your phone or iPad and select your contests and draft your teams as you would from your computer.

For readers wanting to sign up with this operator why not take advantage of our exclusive DraftKings promo code by clicking our dedicated link here!

Draft street logoDraftStreet

Players on DraftStreet can pick from numerous options on the site including a vast selection of sports covering the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and PGA, various types of gaming ranging from daily to weekly, and different sets of rules such as Salary Cap Leagues, Pick ‘Em Leagues, Snake Draft Leagues, and Survivor Tournaments.

All fantasy sporters on DraftStreet are entitled to several promotional offers:

  • Receive up to $200 on your first deposit (available for limited time only)
  • Earn Street Creds for your participation in all contests, free and paid, and redeem them at the DraftStreet Store to buy merchandise.
  • Get free access to tournaments and exclusive free cash leagues by liking DraftStreet on Facebook or subscribing to their Twitter feed
  • Earn up to 40% commissions by referring your friends to the website via your social networks
  • Enjoy the full potential of DraftStreet, enter leagues, pick your team, watch your results and earn money, directly on your cellphone thanks to their smartphone application available for android and iphone users

Bonuses from Draft Street are not instant cash, rather they are released  into your account as you play at a rate of 5% of the League Buy-in. For instance, if you recieve the $200 bonus on your first deposit, this amount will be credited to the “pending bonuses” section of your account. It will be added to your regular cash flow as you play, so that if you join in a $20 buy-in league, 1$ (5% of $20) will be transfered to your regular player account.

For further information regarding signing up to DraftStreet, the rules of various playing modes, and the deals available on registration, mobile phone registration and friend recruiting, please refer to the following article.

Totel Football

Totel Football is a fantasy website dedicated to football presenting contests covering all major European championships from English Premier League (EPL), the Spanish Liga, the Italian Serie A, as well as the UEFA Champion's League. Players can choose from standard 11 a side mode or the faster 6 a side option, and select season long leagues or daily matchups.

Players on Totel Football are entitled to various promotions:

  • 100% match deposit bonus for transfers of up to £100
  • Up to 50£ referral credits
  • Bonuses are non withdrawable until three times the value of the bonus has been staked.

For further information regarding signing up and earning bonuses of up to £100, please refer to our article specifically focusing on Totel Football.

Other fantasy sport sites we have not tested

Options are plenty beyond the three largest fantasy sporting operators. Though we did not try all of them, we thought you ought to know what other sites were available to make the most out of your gaming experience.

Most sites follow the template outlined above. DraftDay and StatClash follow all major sports – as well as soccer in the case of StatClash – and offer roughly similar deals and advantages to their users. For more information on Stat Clash, please refer to our article dedicated to the site's offer and promotions.

Certain sites such as WarDraft vary slightly from these as they offer a wider selection, including events such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Nascar.

Be it in type of events played or the rules of the league you wish to join, you are sure to find exactly what it is you are looking for. Just remember to check the legal credentials of the websites you choose to play on to enjoy the beautiful game to the fullest!

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