Facebook betting tips: 3 reasons why they aren’t your best bet

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Online tipsters are taking over Facebook, and all other social media networks. Although the promise of community tipster pages is alluring, they almost never meet the most basic requirements of any tipster.

3 reasons why not to trust online tipsters

There are three strong reasons why you shouldn't trust these ones, and that's because they are:

1. Wildly inaccurate

It is very difficult and time-consuming to check the entire information posted on their Facebook page. You cannot gather all the relevant details of an offer, since Facebook doesn't act as a website page, but as a social network. Therefore, the data you need is not bunched up together.

Also, there is no credibility given to these FB pages, which means that to wager according to their opinion would be simply reckless.

Some of them offer odd and dangerous tips, by sending users to register with “free fixed match” operators, which can be seen more as fraud-incentives and not as actual betting tips.

2. Not independent

On account of the fact that multiple Facebook betting tips pages give you gambling advices, best odds calculation, suggestions and guidance, it leads us to believe that these are canny camouflages, covered-up advertisements.

Trustiness is massively important in an industry that relies on odds. When you wager money, you want to know for sure that you placed your hopes on the winner. In fact, receiving manipulative advice will only make you lose money.

Take the Facebook betting tips page seen below, for instance. It pretends to offer various gambling advice and provide predictions, when in fact it advertises brands of operators, and invites users to register and bet.

3. They don't operate like communities

Even if they call themselves “Facebook betting tips pages”, they aren't providing any personalised/customised tipping. So, it is not plain sailing to get consistent and pertinent tips for your next betting activity.

How can you get the help you need since there is no peer-to-peer tipping, given that social media is the main channel? Users don't have the possibility to post their own tips and create a real debate about it. Even if their comments will be read, they won't be taken seriously because they don't come from a professional source.

One big betting fail

Nowadays, social media facilitates connection and information exchange, yes, but choose wisely. Not every advice is accurate. Take this scenario for instance: whenever you are following an important competition, such as Wimbledon 2015, where the possible winners are equally talented, any tip coming from an expert can influence a lot your decision. Whom are going to wager on depends on professional advice.

Here, this Facebook betting tips page suggested in an article posted on social media that Andy Murray will be the one taking the Wimbledon trophy home: “Murray has what it takes to land his second Wimbledon title this year “. Actually, the big winner of the 2015 tennis tournament was Novak Djokovic.

Our advice

It isn't an unusual thing to seek for help when you are about to gamble on a football team, a famous tennis player or a thoroughbred horse. But, before taking that advice into consideration, it would be wise of you to check how trusty is that certain source.

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