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 Everest-poker-logoEverest Poker is an European market leader for online poker rooms. With its simple and appealing web design and newly updated software, Everest poker is certainly setting high standards online.

With innovative features like blogs from poker pros such as Sam Trickett, the site also allows customized game features including Speed poker, Twister Poker and Jackpot Tournaments.

Speed Poker

Speed Poker Screenshot

Participating in a Speed Poker game on the Everest Poker site is a way to keep things fresh and fast-paced. This new feature also helps to reduce waiting time between cash table hands. Speed Poker sounds very much like speed dating, so it is no surprise that it involves interactions with many players . Indeed, instead of joining a single table, players are placed within a large pool. This customized game is sped up to keep things exciting. Every time a user chooses the speed-folding option they are sent to a new table. This gives the game a dynamic and enticing pace.

Moreover, players who would like to change to a new hand are able to do so rapidly and efficiently. In this case, the customized feature enables the player to stay at the same table while new players appear around them instantaneously. 

Everest Poker's ingenious function is designed to increase the rush of the game for restless players in search of more speed, more wins and less waiting time between hands. 

Twister Poker

Twister Poker Screenshot

Everest Poker is renown for its innovative and relevant approach to game platforms. Many modern platforms now offer Twister Poker, as a customized version of Sit and Go tournaments. In short, this game combines the thrill and risk of a jackpot with the rigorous strategy of card games. In Everest Poker's take on the game, the prizes are randomly determined and can result in wins of upto £10,000.

This new game features as part of the Everest Poker's latest software updates.

How to play

  • Players must already be registered member of Everest Poker to play
  • Once users have located the game in their software, they must choose buy-in amounts ranging from £1 to £10
  • Depending on how much players are willing to wager, they can win prizes starting at £1000 for the £1 buy-in and finishing at £10,000 if they have risked a tenner.

To register for a new member account with Everest Poker, simply click here and follow the steps to complete your registration. 

Jackpot Tournaments

Jackpot Tournament Design

The Jackpot tournaments are also part of Everest Poker's distinctive and customized game selection. As the name indicates, this type of competition starts with the same ‘Jackpot concept' as the above game but these tournaments happen on a much larger scale. The tournaments exists in 4 main forms on the site:

  • The Dirty Dozen4 consecutive £2 cash-ins, a maximum prize of £2000 and a competition played within a 12 handed 2 table structure.
  • The Maui– The big win is £10,000 for 5 consecutive £5 cash-ins and first place wins (Players who come first or second in 5 consecutive game will be awarded a consolation bonus of £150)
  • The Rio 6 consecutive £20 cash-ins for a chance to win the jackpot of £20,000 (Players who come first or second in 6 consecutive game will be awarded a consolation bonus of £200)
  • Fort Knox– 6 consecutive £40 cash-ins for the £35,000 prize (Players who come first or second in 6 consecutive game will be awarded a consolation bonus of £500)
Everest Poker- Customized Poker Games
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