England vs Panama Betting: value odds to keep a lookout for

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With Panama entering the World Cup finals for the first time, a new record will be met on June 24, this year. And the big day will draw the world’s attention to Nizhny Novgorod. As a quick reminder, it’s been only 40 decades since Panama has first started to participate in qualifying for the big cup. 

The Red Tide, or better known as La Marea Roja, has beaten Costa Rica in 2017 with 2-1. And it was one hell of a ride since Costa Rica outplayed them two times in the group stage. Regarding Panama, you could even say that they managed to get on top thanks to Los Ticos, who practically sent Panama in the final round of fixtures.

Before opening up the champagne bottles, Panama has won over Wales back in November, but they have lost to Mexico, the US team and Costa Rica as well. They were all good with smaller teams, but it has proven to be difficult to beat big nations. This being said, we cannot predict big odds for England winning (taken into account the date of our writing this article). Odd-wise, we have Southgate’s team at a 2/9 headed to win, Panama with 16/1, all winding up to an 11/2 draw.

England vs Panama betting: total of goals

England has to go the extra mile right from the start in 2018. They have to put their expectations high and win against Tunisia. This will be the moment that might decide what the outcome of the entire tournament will be. Belgium will play their role and hand pointers over to the English team. Panama will, of course, be on the defence while Los Diables Rouge will put them to a test with their ultra-technical game moves.

As opposed to Panama, the English team is pretty physical and aren't, under no circumstances, afraid of being rough. So, we should expect some tired feet kicking an angry ball by the end of the 90 minutes. The England vs Panama betting will be very much written in the last quarter.

Panama betting 2018

Also, if you want to know more about the England vs Panama betting, you ought to take into consideration that Panama isn’t that great playing away from home. In the group stage, they’ve only scored twice in Jamaica and once in Costa Rica. Beating England and Belgium won’t be a piece of cake any more. And it’s not just about beating them, but about scoring enough points for qualifying.

This being said, it can be pretty tough predicting the number of total goals. Usually, we would go over 2.5 goals, but when it comes to England vs Panama betting this year, it’s not the case. Expect to go for odds as low as 4/6.

For example, if you are planning to bet on England, there’s no middle way. To have 1.5 goals, England would go for 3/1 odds (consider the time of writing this piece). Odds for a winning English team are at 28/13.

Winning margin

The winning margin in the England vs Panama betting doesn’t look bad at all. Consider that the English players are pretty loved in the World Cup betting market, which makes the team rich in generous odds in the winning margin markets.

Odds are at 11/4 if you bet on England to win by one goal. This can very well happen since the team has already won 4 out of 10 qualifying games. They drifted towards more comfortable margins when their opposite team wasn’t strong enough such as Scotland and Malta. With Panama, scoring will be the key issue. When discussing the England vs Panama betting, it’s worth taking into account that England went on with 8 clean sheets in qualifying so far, meaning that the winning margin of 2-3 goals or even more is at 6/4.

Your player bets

When it comes to players to bet on during the World Cup betting, we’d go for Harry Kane, but also for Raheem Sterling. He is really making the most of the season having a portfolio of 19 goals in 22 Premier Leagues and four goals in 5 Champions League games.

Panama will have to pay attention to Sterling’s biggest asset. Born in Jamaica, the 26-year-old knows how to attack the spaces that were left out by players, so he knows how to take advantage of every bit of space out there. Southgate will have to take Sterling’s ability and make the most of it when the entire world will be watching. There will be a slight hiccup though, considering that Sterling has only scored 2 goals in 35 caps in 2015.

Raheem Sterling betting 2018

So, the England team’s manager will have to find a way to replace missing Joe Hart’s presence, since he is no longer featuring for West Ham on a regular basis. There’s one card that the team has to play really well: have Jack Butland become England’s number one. There are good chances for this to happen since he was widely applauded for his recent performances.

The England vs Panama betting will definitely be an interesting experience for bettors. England having a clean sheet is at a/2 odds with some operators, and England to win to nil is at 4/5 for now. If you want to bet on England, you’ll need creativity and good luck to find the best odds for the same results.

Predictions: England vs Panama betting

If Panama or Tunisia won’t surprise us all with a shocking outcome in their opening games, then to bet on England would be rather safe. They are still the favourite to win the match against Panama. It’s not likely for the results to change between the moment of writing this piece and their kick-off.

England are definitely expected to go big, with our match prediction showing a 3-0 against Panama. It is definitely something the English team can pull off.

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England vs Panama Betting: value odds to keep a lookout for
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