Get the best value odds from the England vs Belgium betting

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It’s been 28 years since Belgium had England on their blacklist. It’s been 28 years since Belgium have been waiting for this moment. In 2018, Belgium will want to give the English team exactly what they got in the previous World Cup tournament they’ve faced each other: a 1-0, or why not, a 2-0 outcome match. But will England be defeated this time or will Belgium go home wishing they’ve never taunted Gareth Southgate’s team?

This will certainly be one heck of a game. When these two nations will meet at the World Cup in 2018, the two placings in the group will be set. Then, it will only be a matter of who beats Brazil or Germany for the big prize.

England will have a lot to take on this year and get ready for. Given that Belgium has come on stage with a strong team of brand-new key players, not to mention their international tournament in their portfolio, this game will be a must-see. The Red Devils are now regarded as the crème de la crème of European football, and to bet on England will require some good faith.

World cup betting: England vs Belgium

Belgium has really picked up the pace in the last years. They have outshone the team of England in the World Cup betting already: the odds show that Belgian team is at 13/8 to with England at 15/8. Both teams will definitely fight with their teeth to take first place in the group, and a potential 2-1 for Belgium sounds enticing. But it’s hard to predict yet.

Bets on total goals

Both Belgium and England are aware that this game will determine what happens with them next and if they get a chance to stay in the tournament and fight with the big boys, Brazil or Germany. Actually, England has already met these two teams, and was even beaten by Germany last year, in 2017. We cannot say the same thing about the Red Devils, they haven’t beaten these two football masterminds since the ‘50s. Anyway, this won’t matter too much for the England vs Belgium betting odds.

Belgium team 2018

The regular odds pattern of 2.5 goals is very likely to be obeyed. To do some more research on the subject and to prepare you for a positive outcome for the England vs Belgium betting, you can take a look at what techniques has Southgate used recently in the team’s games. Also you can have a look at the Red Devils’ fixtures against bigger nations too. As an example, Belgium went head to head with the Netherlands, Spain, Greece and Mexico lately. When playing against Greece and Mexico, the game ended with more than 2.5 goals.

Taken all of this into consideration, the odds of getting 2.5 goals at 17/20, and below 2.5 goals could be odds at 111/100 for today’s England vs Belgium betting market.

Winning margin

None of these nations has anything to lose. So, they will come into this game full-on, ready to give everything they have for a win. The biggest question of all remains what highway will they take to get to the finals? It all depends on how they start the game and how much they’re willing to fight.

Sure, ending the match with a draw will be a good option, but to win the World Cup 2018, they need to beat their opponent, therefore going for the ‘easier’ solution might not be the best route.

This being said, a winning margin on a draw is at 11/5, a no-score draw is 54/13 and a score draw is 62/27. Then, for a one-goal margin of victory, odds look 3/1 for the Belgian team and 10/3 for the English team given the current England vs Belgium betting markets. Please take into account that these winning margins might change as we approach the World Cup tournament.

Betting on players

If you plan on betting on Belgium players, take a good look at Eden Hazard and Kevin de Bruyne’s latest performances. The latter is known for being one of the world’s best midfielders. You can also bear in mind Romelu Lukaku who comes from Manchester United with 31 goals in 65 caps. Dries Mertens with 52 goals in 79 club appearances is another example of a player you can bet on with confidence.

Dries Mertens betting 2018

But England’s team has also a great mix of talents. Harry Kane, one of the most pivotal players at the moment. Danny Welbeck is a big asset for the English team with 15 goals in 36 caps, which is pretty amazing. If you want to place your wager on a player in the England vs Belgium betting, you can take into consideration Theo Walcott too. He has 47 caps and is looking at his last chance to take the World Cup home. With a bit of luck (or a lot of luck), the team will have good chances to do so.

Match prediction for the England vs Belgium betting market

It’s pretty difficult to make an exact call on who will win this battle. Both teams have similar chances of winning, with the same desire to meet Brazil and Germany further down the tournament and go home as late as possible. In a total of 10 games, Belgium grabbed 43 goals and scored 8 goals in Estonia’s gate and 9 against Gibraltar.

With England being so dominant in the game against Germany and Brazil has definitely boosted Gareth Southgate’s confidence and enthusiasm. So, it’s only natural for the team to feel capable of shocking the entire world and taking on the world’s top teams. The shared history with these two nations makes for a good head-start for England, which shouldn’t be ignored for the World Cup betting. In fact, they stand a good shot in other matches such as England vs Tunisia betting.

At the moment of writing this article, a draw without a goal is at 10/1 odds.

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Get the best value odds from the England vs Belgium betting
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