Poker Deposit Bonus: Choose the best for you… and earn it

Every poker room online these days has a seemingly irresistible welcome bonus, but although they can offer hundreds of extra pounds to play with, players sometimes end up losing out if they haven’t chosen the right kind of promotion for them.

Don’t get caught out by the small print and read this article for advice on how to choose the best new player deposit bonus for you and then make the most of it.

What Kind of Bonus is on Offer?

There are all sorts of bonuses out there but they can generally be put into the following 4 categories:

  • No deposit needed, often to give the new player a taste of the game before depositing
  • As soon as you deposit : you receive the bonus immediately after you deposit
  • Depending on your deposit amount and playing points : Your bonus amount depends on your deposit and you must earn it with points
  • Depending on your playing points only : Your bonus amount does not depend on your deposit and you must earn it with points

When will I receive my Bonus?

Bonuses are credited to new members in 2 different ways and these are suited to different kinds of player.

All the Bonus in One Go

This is more practical for those who spend a lot of time at the site, and are very likely to meet the points requirement to get their bonus.  It’s important to work out exactly how much you will need to spend to meet these requirements, then you can make an informed decision as to whether earning the bonus is realistic.

A few sites that ask you to meet the entire play requirements before release are:

Instalments of the Bonus

Usually instalments are around 10% of the total bonus and every time you accrue enough loyalty points you will instantly receive it.  This is a better system for casual players as you know you will get something for your money, even if not the entire bonus, by the time the promotion expires.

Make sure that when the promotion expires you don’t lose the bonus you have already received.  Some operators have made their promotions look more advantageous by crediting you with the bonus in instalments- however they do not let you keep this on expiry of the promotion.

Sites that allow you to earn your bonus as you play include:

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