Deal or No Deal Online – How and Where to Play in the UK

Deal or No Deal online – how and where to play in the UK?

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deal-or-no-dealBased on the hit TV program “Deal or No Deal”, many sites offer similar playing experience, right down to the showmanship of the host. In the instantly classic TV show, one contestant tried to walk out of several negotiation rounds with the Banker with the most amount of money in a game that combined luck of the draw and pressure piled on by the Banker.

The success of the TV show has spawned multiple online spin-offs on television channels around the world and online, allowing players to try their luck and test their negotiation skills in both free and real money versions.

This article will review the rules and strategies of “Deal or No Deal”, as well as sites  that offer an online version of the game.

The game

To play Deal or No Deal online for free, simply load the flash game in the panel above.

The rules of the game

Starting in the UK in 2005, the game is fairly simple : a single contestant starts off with 22 identical boxes, all of wich are closed and contain money each in the amount of the game's pyramid of winnings ranging from 1p to £250,000. The contestant must open boxes one by one whereby they eliminate the winnings contained by each one up to the last box which contains their winnings. However, the banker may call to propose a deal by which the contestant gives up the game and their box in exchange for a clearly defined sum of money.

Therefore, the contestant only knows what sums of money in the pyramid of winnings they can no longer attain, when the banker offers them a clearly stated sum. The game thus features an important rational choice component as well as the ability to handle pressure as the contestant bases the decision whether to forfeit the game or to carry on on limited information and on a gap between potential winnings and a real offer.


Several factors should be taken into account while playing the game :


Statistical analysis can inform decision making during the game. At the start, the expected value is calculated by the formula below. Take each gain from the pyramid of winnings, multiplied by the odds – 1 over 22 – and added together.

Deal or no deal equation

This value is equal to the arithmetic mean, or the average amount remaining in each box. With every box eliminated, the corresponding gain is eliminated and the odds are narrowed from 1/22 to 1/(22 – x) , x being the amount of boxes eliminated. Regardless of how far into the game the contestant has arrived, the objective should still be to get a higher amount than the mean from the banker.

For example, with the following 5 boxes remaining:

  • £100
  • £400
  • £1,000
  • £50,000
  • £300,000

the arithmetic mean is £70,300, meaning that any offer from the banker above that amount is over the most likely earning at that point in the game, which in short means that it is a good deal.

The limits of reason

While pure statistical analysis can serve as a useful rule of thumb in the game, managing your expectations is also an important part.

For example, if the player is left with 2 boxes one being the highest amount of £250,000 and the other the lowest possible amount of 1p, statistical analysis reveals that the arithmetic mean is £125,000. While this mode of calculating would refuse an offer of £100,000, emotional management would say that it is better to be dissapointed to have won “only” £100,000 than to be dissapointed after walking out with nothing more than a penny.

Thus, perhaps the best mode of operation combining both approaches would be to define a pre-game objective of about a quarter of the arithmetic mean of the boxes at the start of the game and to aim for that objective and to take everything else purely as a nice bonus.

Where to play “Deal or No Deal”

Online versions repeat the same recipe for success as the original TV series with the possibility of playing in quick free games for fun and other games and apps for money.

For free

For players wishing to test their ability for fun, the official website of “Deal or No Deal” offers a flash, no download version of the game accessible from desktop computers. The mode of play is identical to the original TV program and doesn't require prior registration – visitors on the site can play instantly and for free. This flash game is available to players in the UK as well as in Australia and the United States.

deal screenshot

The game is accessible directly via this link :

For real money

Several gaming sites offer “Deal or No Deal” online for cash. However, all of these require prior registration to the website to play real money. Demo versions are also available for practice and for fun. All of these games are available to players in the UK. A restricted number of them is also accessible from Australia. (Games available to Australian players will be specified as such.)

  • Virgin Games : the operator offers a version true to the original, playable online without downloads, and allowing players to collect points that they may redeem for cash. In addition, new players are entitled to a £300 welcome bonus, the conditions of which are outlined in the following article.

  • SkyVegas : This version is even more realistic than the previous, using the same rules and playing sequence as on the TV show, the SkyVegas version allows players to chose their stakes. This entry fee is kept by the site and you can play to win as much as 10 times your selected stake (up to £10,000 winnings for £1,000 stake). Also, a Bingo inspired by the TV program is available from the SkyBingo page. Available via the mobile Sky Mobile Casino app (downloadable for Android and iPhone) the games can follow you everywhere you go and new players at SkyVegas can claim a free £15 sign-up bonus as well as a first deposit bonus of up to £1,000. For more details on this offer, refer to our review of Sky's curent promotions on all games.

  • William Hill : The online bookie service from William Hill also offers Casino, Poker, and a selection of online games where members can play different versions of Deal or No Deal. These include the classic Jackpot style of play, a fast-paced “Instant Win” mode, as well as variants from classic casino games such as “DOND Roulette”, “DOND Blackjack”, “DOND Slot”, and “DOND Bingo” (available in the bingo section of the site). Moreover, newly registered members can enjoy a £20 free cash bonus to be used on all skill games available from William Hill. Our review of the site outlines the parameters of this and other promotions available from the bookmaker.

  • JackpotJoy : The online gaming operator offers several versions of the “Deal or No Deal” game, some are like taking place in the TV studio and participating in the show like “DOND Instant” while others combine popular games with a twist. This is the case for the “DOND scratchcard” which can contain a jackpot of up to £10,000 and the “DOND Slot” which, by allowing players to select the lines they wish to bet on, can multiply the winnings considerably. In fact the game golds the record on the JackpotJoy website for the highest single payout and is regularly listed in the top 10 biggest Jackpots available on the platform. Furthermore, new players on the site can enjoy a 250% deposit bonus of up to £100. For further information on this offer, check our guide to obtaining the JackpotJoy welcome bonus.
The DOND Slot as offered by JackpotJoy (also refered to as the "Millionaire Maker")

The DOND Slot as offered by JackpotJoy (also refered to as the “Millionaire Maker”)

  • Ladbrokes : Yet another betting operator offering “DOND” themed games, Ladbrokes offers players severa gaming options ranging from the classic “DOND”, a rapid-fire “DOND Instant Win”, a “DOND Bingo” (available from the Bingo rubric),”and a “DOND Jackpot” style of play. The Jackpot mode adds a special Jackpot round at the end of the normal, TV-inspired version of the game. During this final round, players can try their luck to open boxes and find a Jackpot Token and claim part of the progressive Jackpot prize. New players signing up to Ladbrokes Games are entitled to a welcome package of up to £30. Form more details about the promo, check out our explanatory article. Ladbrokes, being available in Australia, Australian players can also acces the “DOND” games as well as claim a bonus.

  • Bet 365 : The famous bookmaker also offers a variety of games to online players. More about the promotion in our dedicated overview of the operator's best discounts. Users in Australia may access the full range of games as well as exclusive offers on the Australian portal of the site.

Please note : only demo versions of these games are available to players residing in the USA, none of the paid versions can be played from the US.

Playing “DOND Bingo”

The popular TV program has spawned multiple online spin-offs. Of these many combine the appeal of the game of chance and bargaining skill with classic casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack and even bingo. In the case of Bingo, the rules are those of a standard bingo game with a twist :

  • Players receive their cards
  • Numbers from the draw are matched to those on the card
  • Completing one or several lines is worth a prize
  • A full house earns the jackpot

So far, nothing new. However, in the “Deal or No Deal” version of the game, a full house winner is given two options :

  • Either pick the red box which contains the mystery jackpot
  • Or accept an offer from the banker

Other participants can vote to share their opinion with the winner, but only he can decide whether there is a deal or not.

Of the aforementioned operators, “DOND Bingo” is available in the United Kingdom from: William Hill, Ladbrokes, SkyBingo and Bet365. For Australian players, Ladbrokes and Bet365 are the two operators that offer this type of play.

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Deal or No Deal online – how and where to play in the UK?
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