Coupon bonus codes – How to Get them?

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Here’s a guide to finding the latest coupon, bonus and promotion codes at your poker room, casino or bingo site.  There are several ways in which online bookies and poker rooms advertise their coupon codes, but they can also be found online when people share them on forums and blogs:

Affiliate Websites & Blogs


There are tons of sites out there whose owners trawl the poker rooms and sportsbooks looking for the best deals and their promo codes. Then all you have to do is visit their site to get the most out of signing up. In return for this service, the sites simply need you to follow their link to the sportsbook or poker room rather than opening the form yourself so they can be rewarded by your chosen operator.

Similarly there are all sorts of blogs that give reviews of sites too, like the Circus coupon codes. These are useful because not only do you get the code you need but the blog writer is very likely an enthusiast who has already used the site and can give a real honest review. These blogs tend to attract comments more often than affiliate websites and this is where you’ll find the most useful information.

Email Newsletters

If you’ve already signed up to a site, agree to receive their email updates or newsletters, as they tend to have exclusive promotion codes inside for loyalty bonuses and special market offers.

Newspapers & Magazines


Promotional codes are sometimes published in tabloids and magazines. In particular, if you’re looking for bingo codes, these can be found in ladies or “real life” magazines. Similarly, when looking for free bets buy the Racing Post or The Daily Sport.

If you’ve got a season ticket, buy your team’s weekly programme. Promotion codes show up in these occasionally and sometimes give offers specifically for your favourite sport.

Online Forums

Online forums have pros and cons. They are usually the best place to find a decent code and read feedback from real people with real experience of the site and that particular promotion. But beware of spammers who pose as these helpful posters when in fact are trying to get you on the site. You can tell these apart from real people by their “marketese” (very promotional language).

There are lots of specialist betting and poker forums such as the Daily Punt, but also Martin Lewis’ site, has plenty of posts every week on poker and bookie bonus codes and as this site is heavily moderated, there’s less spam on them.

Word of Mouth


Do your mates share your passion for gambling? If so, ask them if they know of any special deals. Any information they give you is likely to be far more reliable than an online forum or website and you can also hear their experience of the site.

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Coupon bonus codes – How to Get them?
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