Changing your IP Address

Changing your IP Address

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Your IP address is to your PC what your postal address is to your home- it defines your location.  Sites tend to use this to check that you are in a licensed country for their services.

There are online services which give you a foreign IP address, and a whole host of options can be found through a search engine.  You will find 2 kinds of service:

  • Paid: this usually involves a monthly subscription
  • Free: often referred to as “public proxy servers”, beware of these services as they are not secure and any personal information you use while browsing with this service could be stolen

Create a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This is a paid service with software which gives the user the ability to choose their “location” and there are options for all over the world.  As you browse with this tool you can access sites usually blocked to you by selecting an appropriate location- an IP address specific to that place is assigned to you immediately.

Follow these links to subscribe to a private network:

This service also makes browsing more secure and is often used by those who want to keep their personal information and credit card details better hidden.  The not so computer-savvy internet users find this to be the best option as it is everyman-friendly and hassle-free.

Manual IP Address using Proxy Servers

Proxy servers allow you to access different servers than the one your IP address is connected to, essentially masking your location.  Proxy server addresses are available online and people can then enter it manually into their browsers settings by following these instructions:

  • Go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Internet Options’, selecting the ‘Connections’ tab
  • Tick the ‘Use Proxy Server…’ box and enter the address and port
  • Select ‘OK’, close the browser and reopen; the new proxy server address will be in use

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Changing your IP Address
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