Celebrity death pool betting – harmless fun or bad karma?

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Death pool betting is becoming increasingly popular with serious gamblers. The trend allows players to bet on the which celebrity will be next to kick the bucket.

Never mind placing bets on the winner of the Premiership or the Grand National, if you want to have some serious fun and maybe win prizes at the same time this morbid game, otherwise known as ghoul pool betting is the way to go.

Why Death Pool Betting?

Before you decide whether or not to join this new gambling craze its important you understand some of the pros and cons of this global race. Instead of studying tiny digits and pundits outpourings that you normally would, your research material is a little bit different for this type of wager.

Your research will come from celebrity tabloids and gossip columns trying to find any hint of the next celebrities that might meet their demise. It’s also an opportunity to take harmless revenge on a celebrity that you absolutely can’t stand and then hope for the best. Along with this bad taste and morbidity comes your source of fun and amusement.

You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to be in with a winning chance – it’s simple to do, you can bet on any celebrity you want and it can also make an interesting conversation starter.

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And the cons of this gruesome game?

As the game increases in popularity it also increases in negative criticism with many newspapers and websites calling it “poor taste”. But, if you can get past the fact at you are actually wagering on peoples lives it should not be a problem for your conscience.

There are certain rules and fees in order to begin playing. On many websites you can also decide how your celebrity meets their downfall – maybe its cardiac arrest maybe its liver failure, which increases the fun but also the difficulty of winning.

This twisted wager is normally run over the course of one year so you could be waiting a long time to see what happens to your chosen celebrity.

If you’re looking to make money fast this eerie obsession might not be for you and maybe its better to spend your time bent over bookies counters scouring through statistics and odds.

How to join and take part in a pool?

Some of the most popular sites for this type of gambling are Doug Stanhope’s celebrity death pool and Stiffs.com. Here you can choose how your celebrity becomes the latest to depart while registering to take advantage of bonus points if you pick correctly and even sign up for E-bituaries. The registration process is easy – just click on one of the links above, register your details and start playing.

Once you find a ghoul pool to enter, the first step is to check on the health of some celebrities.The easiest way to do this is to begin researching websites like Dead or Alive?or whosaliveandwhosdead.com. Today, specialised death websites are becoming increasing popular. One of the most well known sites of this nature is www.isthatcherdeadyet.co.uk, which was a count down to the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher death. Today, the site just stands as a celebration page that encourages visitors to tweet their joy over her death.

When entering your chosen pool its also important to keep in mind that picking the oldest and sickest celebrities will not guarantee you a winning victory. Normally, the most likely celebrities to bite the dust will be worth less points then a random celebrity therefore it is necessary you do your research and think outside of the coffin box.

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As one can imagine there are certain legal issues associated with this type of betting. These issues differ according to country:

In the UK

In the UK the concept falls outside the realm of casino gambling, however is permitted as long as the participant does not ‘interfere' in anyway to obtain the result they desire.

In the USA

In the US many doctors are actually being questioned about subscribing drugs to celebrities which could be linked to this type of betting. Obviously, if a person actively causes the death of a celebrity that is against the law.

However, celebrity death pools fit into the same grey category as internet poker and online gambling. The concept is possibly illegal but difficult to close down, especially if  the sites are based overseas.

We advise players that are considering joining a death pool to read more information on legal issues that can be found on each particular site.

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