Colossus Bets Bonus Code: Enter COLMIND for a £100 bonus

Currently, users registering on Colossus Bets with a Bonus Code can claim a welcome bonus of up to £100 to play on the world's biggest sports jackpots. To do so simply enter Betminded's exclusive code COLMIND.

Update: Bonus code valid for all of 2018 .

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Sign up with the bonus code

To sign up to the site using the exclusive bonus/referral code, simply complete the steps detailed here:

  1. Enter the Colossus Bets website by clicking the button above.
  2. Fill in your personal details, then create your login credentials.
  3. Remember to enter the exclusive promo code COLMIND when completing the registration process.
  4. Make a deposit and start placing your best.
  5. After 72 hours, your total wagers will be matched in bonus funds up to £100.

Note: by using the COLMIND promotions, users can receive £100 free on their new user account, the promo only applies if the code is entered in step 2 of the registration process (limit: 1 account per customer/household/IP address).

Terms and conditions

  • Only wagers made in the first 72 hours after opening your account will contribute to the bonus.
  • The stake is not returned on any bets placed using the bonus funds.
  • You must use a valid promo code in order to avail of the offer.

Join Colossus Bets

Colossus Bets is home to the world's biggest sports jackpots and provides a combination of football and NFL pools. Their headline bet is the ‘Colossus', a 7 leg correct score pool with a £10,000,000 guaranteed weekly prize fund.

Colossus Bets offers a number of other multi million jackpot pools, including the £2,000,000 pick 6 correct score pool and a £1,000,000 1×2 Pick15. 

You can also play their Pick 3, Pick 4, HDA 5 and HDA 8 pools which are available daily.

They provide two types of football pools, correct score pools and correct outcome pools.

Their pools cover a wide range of top tier European football, and they cover all the major international competitions including, the World Cup and European Championships. 

You can access their pools via mobile, as well as on your desktop, and their app is available for iPhone and Android. Details of how to downloading the app can be found on the Colossus website.


Pool betting

Colossus Bets is different from most other bookmakers in that it is a pools betting operator. Pool betting works on the principle that everyone’s stake goes into a pot, minus a small takeout by the operator to cover costs. The winner receives a share of the jackpot prize proportionate to their unit stake.

One great thing about Colossus Bets is they offer guaranteed prize funds for all their pools, which ensures a significant prize will be available to winners of each pool regardless of the amount staked. For example, the Colossus offers a guaranteed £10,000,000 prize fund every week, the ‘Millionaire’ a guaranteed £2,000,000 prize fund and the 1×2 Pick 15 guaranteed £1,000,000 prize fund.

When a pool is not won, the pot is carried forward into the next pool, known as a ‘Rollover’. The normal prize fund for a Pick 4 is £30,000 but there have been numerous Pick 4 Rollovers which have reached £1,000,000 – not bad for 4 correct scores.



During half-time and full-time of the matches in each pool you will have the opportunity to use Partial Cash Out. During these times Colossus Bets will make an offer to buy any ticket from you, which are eligible to win the jackpot or consolation prize funds of a pool.

You are able to Cash Out as little as 10%, or the full 100%. This gives you the opportunity to cash out part of your ticket for profit, and still have a chance at winning a part of the jackpot prize, giving you the best of both worlds.

How to take advantage of the refer a friend program

Earn money with the Referral Code. When referring your friends, you will earn money on all of their stakes during 12 months. You get a 5 % cash-back on all your friends' bets and 2 % on all cash-ins and winnings.

Share your RAF code with every friend who is not already a member, and they can use the referral code when registering and you start earning money.


It is also worth following the Colossus Bets Twitter account, they provide weekly competitions and free bet giveaways. This includes the #LuckyLoser competition which involves players tweeting their losing tickets from the previous week. Colossus Bets then picks one lucky player out the hat who receives a £48 free bet – not bad for a losing ticket!


Expired promotions

Euro 2016: Jackpots Galore

Players on the site were able to play their usual ‘Colossus' pools with a twist: a total of over £70 million worth of jackpots in play!

For example, the regular ‘Colossus' pool alone has a £10,000,000 jackpot. Other favourites such as Millionaire, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and Pick 15 were also focused on Euro 2016, with ever greater jackpots throughout the tournament.

colossus euro 2016

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Colossus Bets Bonus Code: Enter COLMIND for a £100 bonus
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