Bingo Lingo – essential slang and jokes for callers

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Bingo lingo is an essential part of the game and a great way to join in with the camaraderie. Learn your ‘Cup of Tea' from your ‘Two Fat Ladies' in our roundup of the essential bingo lingo.

You can also get in the spirit of things with these top bingo rhymes and jokes. You'll be the king of Mecca in no time…

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The Best Bingo Jokes

Many players appreciate a good bingo joke. While there are hundreds of different jokes some are infinitely funnier then other.
Here at Betminded, we have searched high and low to bring you the funniest bingo jokes. Check them out below!

Dark Horse


Spin Me Right Round


Sister Act


Foul Play


Grandmas Let Loose 


For the Love of Bingo


Call A Lawyer


The Thug Life


Gangsters in Paradise 


Bingo Rhymes

Rhymes are another way to amuse yourself and your friends while your playing the game.

We have picked out our top three favourite bingo rhymes:

The Prayer

As I lay me down to slumber,
All I need is one more number,
When to the big game I go,
I pray the Lord I yell BINGO.


Playing in Australia

A lady from Sydney loved Bingo,
So much so that she taught her Dingo,
She took him along to the hall,
Where they both had a ball,
Till he Full-Housed but could not speak the Lingo!



There is a computer called Eric,
Who makes players slightly hysteric,
By dropping his balls,
And waiting for calls,
Even though he's completely synthetic!

Slang for Callers

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 14: Bingo enthusiasts attend the afternoon session at the Carlton Bingo Hall on December 14, 2009 in Glasgow, Scotland. Bingo halls across the UK have been growing in popularity despite the recent smoking ban and global recession. Industry analysts estimate that one and a half million people play the game each week. The industry received a boost from Alistair Darling in his recent pre budget report when he cut the tax on bingo from 22% to 20% after enthusiasts waged a campaign against the tax increase. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

In the United Kingdom many bingo callers use traditional nicknames to refer to particular numbers if they are drawn.

The bingo rhymes — or ‘bingo lingo' — cover many of the numbers from 1 to 90, some of which date back decades.

In many bingo halls, the caller will say the number and they players will respond with the rhyme. So, it's good for players to learn bingo lingo before taking part in a game.

The following is a list of the most commonly used slang by the caller. When the number is called, players must respond with the rhyme that corresponds to the number.

1bingo –  Kelly's eye | At the beginning | Nelson's column


bingo2– One little duck | Me and you


bingo3 – You and me | Cup of tea | One Little Flea


bingo4 – Knock at the door | B4 (and after)


bingo10 – Tony's Den | Blind 10


bingo12–  One dozen | One and two | a dozen, Monkey's cousin


bingo16– Sweet sixteen | She's lovely | Never been kissed


bingo17 – Often been kissed | The age to catch 'em | Dancing Queen


ball21– Key of the door | Coming of age


bingo23 – Thee and me | The Lord is my Shepherd


bingo26 – Bed and breakfast | Half a crown | Pick and mix


bingo33 – Dirty knees | All the threes | All the feathers | Two little fleas | Sherwood Forest


42ball– That famous street in Manhattan | Winnie the Pooh


bingo52 – Weeks in a year | Danny La Rue


bingo64 – Red raw | The Beatles number


bingo69 – The same both ways | Your place or mine | Either way up | Meal for two


bingo77 – Sunset strip | All the sevens | Two little crutches


bingo88 – Two fat ladies | All the eights | Wobbly wobbly


bingo90 – Top of the shop | Top of the house | Blind 90 | End of the line


Now you've brushed up on the bingo lingo essentials, put it good to use by playing online bingo and take advantage of deals like this Gala Bingo promo code.

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  1. Joy

    13 baker’s dozen.Unlucky for some

  2. Paul Bickerton

    Unlucky for some (they shout house) you say 12

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