Betting on the Premier League 201516

Betting on the Premier League 2015/16

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It's back. The football season kicked off once again this August with the start of the Barclays Premier League 2015/16, running until May next year. Chelsea took the 2014/15 title but Liverpool, Arsenal, Man United and Man City are all strong contenders for victory this year.

With the first matches well underway, bookies are rolling out hot odds on every match so it's time to brush up on team statistics, make your predictions and put your money where your mouth is.

Here is the Premier League logo

Where to place your bets

If you're planning on placing a bet on the Premier League, it's definitely a good idea to go with one of the leading operators for the best odds and added extras.

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The odds are pretty even so far, but for one of the best bonuses and added sportsbook promotions, we recommend Bet365 on this one.

Odds on the winner

It's less than three months since the end of the last season but you can already start predicting this year's winners by betting on the Premier League 2015/16. It's early days so far, so it's no suprise to see the top five teams dominating the odds across the operators at this point.

Bet365's outright odds currently place Man City in the top spot at odds of 2/1 with the tournament's smaller teams trailing far behind:

Here are Bet365's odds on the winner

Manchester City

Here is the Man City logoMan City are high among the favourites to win across the bookies so far. Their debut Premier League match against West Brom was a strong start, with a comfortable win of 3-0.

Betting on Man City to win the Premier League could be a good way to go considering how high the team's stakes are this year. With close to £50m spent in summer signings, the club will be little short of desperate to see a return on their money.

One of Man City's newest recruits, Raheem Sterling, seems the most likely to make an impact for the team this season.


Here is the Chelsea logoThe Blues are the defending champions of the 2014/15 Premier League title, winning by an impressive eight-point gap. No team has succesfully retained the title during the last six seasons but manager José Mourinho has declared his ambitions to make that happen.

Chelsea have, however, given a somewhat underwhelming performance so far. The Community Shield match against Arsenal saw Mourinho lose his 13-match record to Arsene Wenger 1-0. In their first Premier League match against Swansea City, the Blues only managed a 2-2 draw and suffered a red card against Thibaut Courtois.

It's not the best start, hence their slightly lower odds on an outright win, but they could have something up their sleeves for the rest of the tournament, with new transfer Radamel Falcao yet to deliver.


Here is the Arsenal logoArsenal's win against Chelsea in the Community Shield was a strong start, followed up by a terrible 2-0 loss at home to West Ham in their first official match of the Premier League.

It's essential to Arsenal's success that they continue to put up a strong performance against Chelsea, who they've had the most trouble against historically.

They also have to achieve wins sooner into the competition than in 2014/15, when just two wins in their first eight games wasn't strong enough to gain them significant headway in the season.

The outsiders

If the first matches of the tournament have shown us anything, it's that the smaller teams are no less threatening than the big ones. Chelsea's draw with Swansea City and Arsenal's loss to West Ham have proved right José Mourinho's prediction that the smaller teams would pose a great challenge this year.

The growing power of smaller clubs like Crystal Palace and Stoke City to attract international-standard players is likely to significantly shorten the gap in points between the winners and losers in 2015/16.

This could mean that unexpected teams come in third in May, so it's a good idea to keep an eye on the dark horses of the tournament when betting on the Premier League this year.

Bets on the top scorer

Don't feel confident betting on the Premier League winner at this point? Placing a bet on the top goal scorers of the season might be the way to go.

This one is pretty even across the board so far as well, but the two main contenders are Man City's Sergio Aguero and Chelsea's Diego Costa. Considering how easily Aguero finished top last year, he seems like a pretty sure bet for 2015/16. Costa, on the other hand, seems a little less likely to be a strong competitor this year with his history of frequent injuries.

Take a look at William Hill's full listing here:

Here are William Hill's odds on the top goalscorer

If you still haven't made your choices for betting on the Premier League, take a look at the 10 football teams you definitely shouldn't bet on.

Betting on the Premier League 2015/16
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