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Betting Expert’s World Football App is the ultimate World Cup App for bettors looking to bet on the FIFA World Cup this year. The app is totally free to download and provides footie fans with all the information, stats and betting tips they could possibly need for betting on the World Cup. To get started on the World Football App, click on the activation link below.

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World Football app

The World Football App is the perfect tool to keep track of the FIFA World Cup 2018 and place bets on your favourite teams on the go. The App features top betting tips and bookmaker offers from all of the top sportsbooks in the world, giving bettors the chance to select the very best odds and any promotional offers for select matches. Bettors will also receive up to the second updates on any current matches taking place and in depth analysis of past matches from the days before. A variety of useful stats will also be available to users, helping them place the most educated bets possible.

The World Cup App 2018 is currently available on all iOS devices and can also be accessed on a browser-based client by simply visiting the Betting Expert World Football App website on your mobile browser.

For a full analysis of the Best World Cup App out there on the market read the full review below.

World Cup App 2018 Layout

The World Cup App 2018 is built to provide users with a simple and easy-to-use navigation system where users may tab between an up to date overview of the World Cup, list of all past and upcoming matches, a look at the current group tables and a list of any betting offers available at the moment.

Upcoming matches for the day are listed at the top of the overview section to give bettors quick access to any info and betting tips required to make their bets. ‘Today’s Top Tips’ will be written right under the upcoming matches, which is a collection of Betting Expert’s top betting predictions for the day.

By clicking a select match users will be provided with past matches by both teams and access to stats and tips for the match. Bettors will also be given a bookmaker prediction and all odds and offers pertaining to the match.

World Football App Download

The World Football App is available for download on all iOS devices through the iTunes store. To start the downloading process visit the following link

Users will also have the ability to access the World Football App via their mobile device internet browser by simply visit the World Football 2018 website.

Betting Tips on the World Cup App

Betting Tips for the World Cup App 2018 come from, the largest social media platform for sports bettors in the world. The site collects the most qualified and up to date tips from the best bettors on platform and provides them to users in a very useful tips section. The betting tips are ideal for bettors looking for insights and a more in depth analysis of particular matches.

When users read a tip there is also the chance that the tip can be combined with a bonus offer at one of the top sportsbooks. The offers will be listed underneath the tip to give bettors the opportunity to take part.

Best World Cup App Returns

Another key selling point of the Betting Expert’s World Cup App is the ability for users to find the highest returns and odds for their bets. When selecting a bet users will be provided with a range of odds from all of the top betting sites, allowing users to pick and choose the best odds before having to place their bets. This feature is very useful for users who have a betting account on multiple online sportsbooks and are looking for the best odds comparison between the top bookmakers to place their bet.

Bookmaker Offers on the World Cup App

The World Cup App allows users to browse through any bookmaker offers currently available for world cup bets. Users can view the offer by simply clicking on the ‘OFFERS’ tab at the bottom of the app. All betting offers will be linked directly to the sportsbooks to allow users to use any offer of bonuses immediately.

Bookmaker offers generally come in the form of enhanced odds, money back insurances, free bets or deposit bonuses for both new and existing customers.

World Cup Fixtures App

The World Cup Fixtures App is ideal for keeping track of matches and making sure you know exactly which matches will be played each day. Bettors will also have the chance of keeping up with past results by viewing past fixtures and yesterday’s results. If you have a specific team you’d like to keep track of you can also customize the app to give you all the match dates and statistics for that particular team.

World Cup App 2018 Stats

Statistics for all matches and teams are available in the ‘STATS’ tab, allowing users to sort through a variety of useful information relevant to different matches and the World Cup in general. Goal and card statistics, relevant historical stats and past results stats will also be provided for each fixture to give bettors a better understanding of the current form of the teams. If there are any offers which apply to what the statistics which are provided the app will display them right below the stat.


If you’re looking to place wagers on or even just follow the FIFA World Cup in 2018 there really is no better resource that the World Football App. As the best World Cup App out there, users will get access to a wealth of information such as statistics, betting tips, points tables, a fixture calendar and the best bookmaker offers available. With the World Football App at your fingertips you’ll have everything you could ask for when it comes to placing bets on this years world cup.

The World Football App is available for iOS devices at the iTunes store and can be also used via a browser-based client by visiting the World Football App website. To make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity place wagers on your favourite teams, with the best odds possible download the World Football App today!

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Betting Expert World Football App review
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