How to use Betdaq on your mobile within the UK

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The betting exchange platform Betdaq offers not just very competitive odds but also a great App. Betdaq is the place were Fans come together and bet against each other. You do not actually need a bookmaker, the platform helps you to find other Fans to bet against and only keeps a tiny commission rate.
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BETDAQ+ Mobile App

Really easy to use mobile application that helps members to access all sport markets, ‘in-play' betting and multible betting while on the go.

  • one of the safest and fastest Apps available at the moment.
  • you are able to place multible bets and combine up to 7 selections.
  • available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

Better Odds

The betting exchange system is pretty similar to Betfair in the UK. To be competitive mobile has managed to gain members by offering a really low commission rate of only 2% on winning bets.

So Betdaq is not actually a bookmaker, it' s a platform where you can set your own bets and odds. In the end you control whats going on.

Betdaq Tip Site

Betdaq TV advert “Bet your way, win your way”

An additional feature is a special website where members of the platform are able to exchange betting tips and help each other to get the best knowledge and stats of current and upcoming sport events.


How to use Betdaq on your mobile within the UK
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