Betdaq – the UK’s Leading Betting Exchange

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Based in Ireland, Betdaq is the second largest betting exchange operator in the market. Founded by Dermot Desmond, an Irish businessman in the year 2000, Betdaq has since grown in stature and gained in popularity among avid betting enthusiasts. Betdaq is headquartered at the Dublin based International Financial Services Centre.

Special Features


One of the main reasons for the popularity of this betting exchange is the lower commission charged by it compared with other exchanges. They are able to do this mainly because of the fact that they bring 2 parties together completely eliminating any personal risk. Betdaq charges customers 2% commission which has to be paid only by the bettor who wins. As opposed to this, a betting exchange like Betfair charges 5% commission.

Another prominent reason why Betdaq sells more than its rivals is the odds. Odds offered to players on this betting exchange are at least 20% higher than traditional bookmakers. This again is due to this betting exchange’s unique arrangement. As compared to traditional bookmakers, odds here on speculative matches are 50% higher since punters themselves set them.

Betting Markets

Betdaq offers avid bettors a range of international events including popular sporting events. In this field of unconventional online betting, Betdaq enjoys a strong presence. This betting exchange promises high odds by linking punters against each other.

Higher Odds through Exchange Process


Betdaq’s unique exchange process helps achieve higher odds of up to twenty percent. For many punters, this powerful draw offers hands up position over the high street bookies. Betdaq is a good bet for those seeking higher margins.

User-friendly gaming experience

Betdaq offers an easy and convenient gaming experience for customers through their original betting exchange layout. This site excels in offering hundred percent customer-satisfactions through minimal confusion. New customers especially find it easy and simple to log in and place bets and wait. Poker players from around the world enjoy the unique betdaq poker experience offered on this site. Here players benefit from a range of Betdaq poker bonus.

A variety of adjustments have been incorporated by Betdaq in keeping with the competition from its arch rival Betfair. These improvements ensure optimum user experience over a range of betting events. By lowering its commissions on winning bets to 2%, Betdaq has definitely made sure that it has a slight advantage over other prominent market players. If you lose bets, you do not have to pay commission on Betdaq.

Products offered by Betdaq


Mobile Betting

Even if you are out, you do not have to be far from your favourite betting market. You are always in a position to place that vital bet even if you are not in front of your PC. Betdaq makes this possible through its Betdaq telebet services and the Betdaq mobile services.

Both these services are easy and simple to use and can be used on any mobile phone that has an internet browsing capability.

Betdaq Trader

If you wish to place financial bets, Betdaq offers the Exchange Trading Software. This professional solution enables users to place bets with just one click. The software also offers features like 5 new market views and Dutching.

Using Betdaq Trader, you can set liquidity alerts, trade at prices you pre-determine and manage customized settings. You can Lay or Back all and fill and kill orders.

Betdaq API

Customized trading applications can be built using the Betdaq API. This helps users directly communicate with the Betdaq betting exchange. API is a unique application that helps customers automate their trading strategies by developing their own tools. This speeds up processes and makes them more efficient as compared to the traditional websites.

Betdaq API is a trading application that offers all necessary calls including markets, events, prices, cancel bets, update bets and place bets. Apart from this the application also allows users to check the status of current bets and get account postings. In a nutshell, as a user, you have all necessary functionalities offered on websites and more as you place, cancel or update bets.

Betdaq XML Feeds

If you are a price comparison affiliate, XML feeds is a useful feature you can benefit from. This feature allows you to compare prices and promote competitive odds by getting the latest Betdaq prices on the website.

Customer Service

Betdaq offers customer service at par with the best in the industry. Specifically for different questions customers may have, Betdaq has different departments. Customers can contact the relevant department through the relevant email address to get a response. Their interactive helpdesk is another useful feature. Here customers can interact directly with their service agents online.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options


Betdaq offers most of the deposit methods and accepts Euro and GBP currency. It takes 24 hours for money back on debit card and about two to five days for transfer services. At, you can use a variety of withdrawal and deposit options such as MasterCard, Visa, Solo, Switch, Electron, Neteller and MoneyBookers.

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Betdaq – the UK's Leading Betting Exchange
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