The BetAmerica App: Our Essential Low-down

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Since 2008, has been aiming to be the premium destination for online punting and fantasy sports. They are now very pleased to offer to the market the BetAmerica Mobile App, which is compatible with all mobile devices and is available via the Apple App Store, and Google Play. With the BetAmerica Mobile App it has never been easier to enjoy horse racing and fantasy sports on your mobile device.

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How Do I Get the BetAmerica Mobile App?

  1. Visit either the Apple App Store, or the Google Play store, depending on your device.
  2. Search for BetAmerica, and install the free app.
  3. Once you have opened the App, either sign into BetAmerica with your username and password if you’re an existing member from the website, or sign up and create a new account.
  4. If you’re new to BetAmerica you will need to make a deposit into your account. The first deposit entitles you to the Matched Deposit Bonus Offer.
  5. Enjoy playing on the BetAmerica Mobile App.

Will It Work on my Device?

The current version of the BetAmerica Mobile App will run on the current operating systems for both Apple and Android devices (although the Apple version requires iOS 8.1 of greater).

Free to download, and there are no additional fees to snip away at your account balance. Both the Apple and Android versions of the app will work on phones, tablets, and in the case of the Apple, the iPod Touch.

What Bonuses Do I Get?

BetAmerica has been reasonably generous towards its users, and are offering a clever little bonus system to encourage customers to use the App.

There's a bonus with a matched deposit of up to $100, and here’s how it works.

A new user signs into the BetAmerica Mobile App and makes their first deposit into the BetAmerica account. The company will match that deposit, dollar for dollar, up to a maximum of $100. Now it’s not as easy to double your money as that, because the idea of the app is for you to use your deposit, and BetAmerica’s bonus, to bet on horse racing or fantasy sports.

BetAmerica bonus

Every time you place a bet using the App, BetAmerica will unlock some of the bonus money, which is otherwise held as Pending. It unlocks up to 10% of whatever stake you have placed. So if you wager a $50 bet on Fantasy Football, BetAmerica unlocks $5 of the bonus.

Once this money is unlocked, however, the user is free to bet or withdraw the cash at will. No other restrictions apply.

The only catch is that you have one year to free as much of the offer as you can, after which any pending Bonus money is returned to the company.

What Can I Do With the BetAmerica Mobile App?

The BetAmerica Mobile App allows you to wager on any greyhound or horse race BetAmerica supports. According to their website, that’s over 3,000 races nationally every week, across 325 tracks. I think you can find something interesting in that mix.

You’re also able to bet any way you like, as simple or as complex as you want. Just want to put $50 on the nose for a win? No problems. Want to try to play the Superfecta? Go for it. The App offers the full range of options.

Video Streaming
The BetAmerica Mobile App will also allow you to live stream any horse or greyhound race supported by the company. This includes meets in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and other locations around the world.

Easy to Use
The best thing about this app is its streamlined functionality and borrows heavily from BetAmerica’s online presence, which will make it very familiar to anyone familiar with the site. To make a bet, simply find the date, course and race of your preference, then choose your selection. The BetAmerica Mobile App tracks your betting slips, which means you can continue to play across difference race days and locations, and can always go back to your bet slip.

The BetAmerica Mobile App is also good for those who don’t necessarily want to bet using it, but just wants a research tool. The App offers race and track history along with snippets of trivia for those interested.

Fantasy Sports
The numerous Fantasy Sports competitions BetAmerica facilitates are also available to the accessed through the app.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

How Do I Play?
So you've downloaded the BetAmerica Mobile App, opened it and created your new account. Now you want to play, and that’s good, because it’s easy.

You select Racing, which will show you a page listing all the day’s races. You pick the race you want, then pick the horse you want to back.

The app will then bring up your betting slip and the video feature. You pick the amount of your stake, and press BET NOW. If you’re going after the trifecta (or any other bet that needs more selections) you need to select Type of Bet on the betting slip. All the options you have available will be displayed, and you simply take your pick.

How Do I Put Money In
The BetAmerica Mobile App allows you to push money into your account through the My Account section. In there you will see the option to make a deposit. You just need to decide your payment method, and pick the amount you want to add.

You can deposit via CC, Neteller or Pay Near Me, and the minimum deposit is $25.

How Do I Get My Winnings Out?
Very similarly to the above, withdrawals are managed through the My Account section of the BetAmerica Mobile App. One of the options is to make a withdrawal, and there is a list of the number of methods available to complete this. You just have to pick one, then tell the App how much you want to take out.

You withdraw using the same methods as depositing (CC, Neteller and Pay Near Me), but there is no minimum. Be careful though, because there may be charges raised by the service provider.

What if I’ve Got a Problem?
It’s easy to contact Customer Service if you have a problem with the BetAmerica Mobile App. Live Chat is available directly from the app, or the website, and is open to questions from 9am to midnight EST 7 days a week.

You can also email if the question isn’t urgent, or call them toll-free (from inside the USA) on 1-866-607-7929. Similarly to the live chat, you can call from 9am to midnight EST, 7 days a week.

Overall Rating + Review

The BetAmerica Mobile App is easy to use and pretty clean to look at. They have developed it with the online experience in mind, which means it has everything you need to know or see, but is far more accessible.

What We Like What We Don't Like
👍 Easy to use 👎 Video can be a little laggy
👍 Very clean and appealing to look at 👎 Difficult to get full value out of the welcome bonus
👍 Customer service options are all available from inside the app
👍 Tips and hints are available to the user

The app gives the user access to a phenomenal amount of racing to bet on and watch, and that’s hard to fault. And that’s without talking about the comprehensive Fantasy Sports element. It is one of the few mobile apps that gives you access to both.

The BetAmerica Mobile App is clean to look at, and works quickly and smoothly. It’s easy to find your way around it, and everything is right where you expect it to be. Q&A options are available on the app, so you can lodge an issue straight away (if you have one).

It’s not all unicorns and rainbows though. The video streaming has a bit of a lag to it, but no worse than any other live streaming service I expect. I also imagine the quality of your mobile signal and device will have something to say about this.

The Matched Deposit Bonus seems cool, but it is reasonably difficult to get 100% of the benefit from it, due to the fact it unlocks by only 10% of your stake at a time. If your initial deposit is $100, you need to bet an additional $1,000 to get all of that bonus. But the fact you can withdraw that as cash if you want, rather than only offering the option of bonus bets, to is a solid plus for the app.

In addition to the ease of use, the BetAmerica Mobile App gives the user a lot of assistance as well, which seems counter intuitive. The App gives out track history, form guides and genuine tips, because it sort of wants you to win. The key to this is that BetAmerica have developed a structure such that they gather their commission whether the user wins or loses. But if you keep winning, you’ll keep using the app.

Ultimately its hard to find an app that is this pretty to look at, easy to use, and that provides the level of assistance you get out of the BetAmerica Mobile App, even if the bonus system is a little less than ideal.

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The BetAmerica App: Our Essential Low-down
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