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Bet9ja is a sportsbook, casino, and more that has strong ties in Nigeria, with the sportsbook sponsoring multiple football leagues in the nation, including the Nigerian National League. In this guide, we will break down the Bet9ja promotion code available to players in Nigeria, along with how to obtain the bonus and what the terms and conditions for that bonus are.

What Can I Get With The Bet9ja Promotion Code?

Bet9ja bonus offer Promotion details Bet9ja promotion code
Sportsbook Welcome Bonus 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₦100,000 MAX9JA
Casino Welcome Bonus 100% On First Deposit MAX9JA
Weekly Jackpot Super9ja offer: weekly jackpot of ₦10,000,000 MAX9JA

Bet9ja Promotion Code

Bet9ja Promotion Code: Step By Step Guide

In order to take advantage of the Bet9ja promotion code currently in place, players need to be sure to abide by the following instructions, to ensure that they receive the funds that they want to get out of the site.

  1. Create an account at Bet9ja. During the account creation process, players will be asked to accept the site's terms and conditions, which are mandatory, and are worth reading to avoid any surprises down the road with Bet9ja.
  2. Make an initial deposit. While making your initial deposit, be sure to enter the appropriate Bet9ja promotion code. Doing so makes sure that you are granted the bonus that you wanted to receive from the site, whereas forgetting to enter that promo code would leave you without the bonus of your choosing. Keep in mind that the minimum bonus amount for this promotion is ₦100, while the maximum bonus is ₦100,000, so a deposit worth anywhere in between those amounts is what you should make.
  3. Enjoy your bonus funds!

bet9ja welcome bonus

As you can see, the primary Bet9ja promotion code is for its sportsbook section, which offers a 100% first deposit bonus to its new players.

This promotion is good for up to ₦100,000, which is a great way for new players to get started with the site, as it allows them a substantial amount of funds to play with before they have to start risking the funds that they initially deposited. For players unsure of where to open a sportsbook account, this Bet9ja promo code is a great reason to choose Bet9ja.

Bet9ja Promotion Code: Terms and Conditions

Making sure to check out the terms and conditions of any sportsbook promotion is crucial as something you should do before you open an account, as doing so will ensure that you do not run afoul of any of the rules required to receive your bonus and withdraw it after you have met the necessary requirements. Below are the key terms and conditions that must be followed when redeeming the Bet9ja promotion code described above.

In order for this bonus to be withdrawn, players are required to wager on sports markets with odds of 3.00 or greater a total of 10 times the amount of their deposit bonus.

For example, if a player made a deposit of ₦200, they would receive ₦200 in bonus funds, and would be required to make ₦2,000 in wagers with odds of 3.00 or more in order to be eligible to withdraw those funds. The 3.00 odds are higher than what you would see at many sportsbooks when it comes to wagering requirements for a bonus, but if you are someone who is proficient at wagering on underdogs, this bonus could be ideal for you.

Another piece of the Bet9ja promotion code terms and conditions worth keeping an eye on is the fact that the funds from the Bet9ja welcome bonus must be used within 30 days of receiving them. Instead of being able to take your time and methodically reach the 10 times wagering requirement on matches with odds of 3.00 or greater, players will have one month to meet those thresholds, otherwise their bonus funds will be nullified. Be sure that you can wager enough to meet your requirements within 30 days of electing to receive your Bet9ja promo code bonus.

Bet9ja Other Promos

Bet9ja has a decent amount of other promotions outside of their Bet9ja promotional code, which could really spice things up depending on how you like to use the site. One additional promotion that Bet9ja does offer its players is an interesting one, and one that offers players the opportunity to make a whole lot of money without incurring any additional financial risk. This promotion is known as the Super9ja, and has the potential to be very lucrative.


The Super9ja contest is a way for players to win ₦10,000,000 in prizes for correctly predicting the final scores of different football matches over the course of a given weekend.

This, of course, is extremely difficult to do, but players who feel like doing a little amateur prognosticating can try and predict the various scores correctly, with all of that cash on the line. The best part about this contest is that it is free, so there is no risk for players who want to try their luck in hopes of hitting it big.

In addition to the Super9ja, the site also offers its players the ability to take part in a cash out feature. Bettors have the opportunity to cash out a bet while their chosen match is still going on, rather than having to wait until completion. This is great in the event that a team you backed has built up a lead, where you can cash out for a percentage of what you had originally wagered for in exchange for not having to wait. The amount you receive for a winning cash out is less than the full value of the bet you made, and depends on your choice's win probability at the time of the cash out.

Bettors can also take advantage of multiple bet boosting promotions. Whether or not a player is a Bet9ja promotional code user, they can see their bet's value increased up to 170% by taking advantage of these boosts. This is just one more way that Bet9ja is looking out for their players.

Of course, these additional promotions are great, but the real star attraction at Bet9ja is the Bet9ja bonus that players can get when they sign up for an account using Bet9ja promotional code MAX9JA. That code is good for up to 100% added to a player's first deposit, which is good for up to 100,000.

Casino: 100% deposit bonus up to ₦100,000

Perhaps disappointingly, the Bet9ja promotional code list does not include a specific code just for casino players. In fact, it does not look like players can separate their funds between the sportsbook and casino sections of the site. This is not the biggest deal, but does require that players exercise a great deal of discipline to make sure that they do not waste all of their sports betting budget on casino games and vice versa.

With that said, it is then possible for players to use the same Bet9ja promotional code that they used on the sportsbook section of the site to boost their bankroll when taking advantage of the casino section. This is good in a way, as that 100% bonus up to ₦100,000 is a good one for players just starting up their accounts. But something specific to the casino would have been a big plus, especially if it could have been worth more than the sportsbook bonus.

What kind of casino games you prefer to play varies depending on the person, of course, but the ability to enjoy a number of different games starts with having the funds in your account to do so. With the Bet9ja promotional code, this is no problem.

One of the highlights of Bet9ja is the fact that it is so easy to use. Bet9ja promotional code players and non-promo code users alike should have an easy time getting around the site to place the bets that they want to place. Each sport is clearly broken up into its own section, with markets broken out by country after that, making the markets that you want to wager on only a few clicks or taps away.

Finding your way around the Bet9ja website is easy, with clearly broken out headers and menus making it straightforward to get wherever you want on the Bet9ja site.

Players can sort the things they want to use on the site very easily as well. They can sort to only see matches that will be played within a specific time frame, can only see matches with odds up to a certain amount set by the user. There are a lot of ways that Bet9ja makes it way to bet on sports, with their navigation being chief among them.

If there was an area for the site to improve it would have to be with the way it is set up for users who are not logged into the site. The site takes a bit of a gated approach when users aren't logged in, as if to try to make sure that they end up registering for the site. Sometimes a user just wants to read some terms and conditions or find out some information without having to sign up for the site. This approach by Bet9ja may result in new Bet9ja promotional code users, but may also annoy prospective players looking for information as well.

bet9ja site

Bet9ja Betting Markets

Bet9ja has a strong array of betting markets, from single match odds, to goalscorer props, to futures wagers.

These bets are available to be made on not just big name competitions like the Premier League, but also on smaller competitions around the world. Included in that list of smaller competitions is the Nigerian National League, which they are a sponsor for.

Beyond soccer, what is great about betting at Bet9ja is that so many sports are accounted for, such as soccer, snooker, table tennis, and many more. Your imagination tends to be the limit when it comes to betting markets at Bet9ja. This is evidenced by the number of pop culture betting markets that are up for grabs on the site, including wagering on music and television.

When it comes to individual match betting, Bet9ja does a very good job of making sure that Bet9ja promotional code users have the ability to bet on lots of markets within each match. This comes in many different forms depending on what sport is being wagered on, but suffice it to say that every sport has a long list of prop bets and markets to choose from.

Whether it is set betting in tennis, both teams to score wagers in soccer, or similar props in any other sport, Bet9ja covers its players nicely in that regard.

The odds over at Bet9ja are acceptable, in that they are not much better or worse than what you would find elsewhere. There are, of course, going to be slight variations depending on what liabilities the bookmaker is facing at any given time, but for the most part they are an average sportsbook when it comes to the odds that they offer their players.

One thing that Bet9ja promotional code users would love to see on the site would be the addition of a betting exchange section. Taking on other bettors rather than the bookmaker can open the door to some great value betting, but this cannot be done at Bet9ja. The site does, however, have a virtual sports section, which is a lot of fun and means that the action never has to stop on the site.

betting markets Bet9ja

Bet9ja Live Betting and Streaming

Bet9ja does have a nice offering of live betting options to choose from. Bettors can wager in-play on both major sporting events and more obscure sporting events, from the top soccer matches in the world to Phillipines collegiate volleyball. Just like with their pre-match betting markets, your imagination truly is the limit when it comes to figuring out what to wager on at Bet9ja.

With such a diverse array of live betting markets, Bet9ja players and Bet9ja promotional code users have the ability to wager on something around the clock. This is great, as it means that there is something for everyone. No matter when a player is available to play and get their favorite sports betting action, there should be something for them to enjoy at Bet9ja, which reflects very favorably on the site thanks to its ability to have something for everybody.

Bet9ja also offers a pretty robust live streaming product for its players to enjoy. For those who have at least ₦200 in their accounts, they can watch a nice selection of sporting events right from the Bet9ja platform. Included in the list of events that can be streamed on the site are some of the top soccer leagues in the world. Included in that list are the likes of La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1. Also available are select tennis matches and other events.

live betting Bet9ja

Unfortunately, Bet9ja does not offer any live streaming capabilities. There is nothing better than being able to watch the matches and wager on the matches all from one place, and that is something that Bet9ja has yet to expand into.

However, the live betting platform at Bet9ja does provide real-time visualizations of the action as it unfolds, as well as live updated statistics for players to enjoy as their matches are going on.

Bet9ja on Mobile

Bet9ja does not have a dedicated mobile app that players can download from the app store of their choosing. Instead, Bet9ja relies on a mobile site that is far from perfect, but is good enough to get the job done for bettors who want to place their wagers on the go.

The mobile site features large icons for each sport or other type of wagering at the top of the screen, with bettors having the ability to choose what they want to bet on with just one tap of their screen. While this isn't as glamorous as a mobile app, it is still an adequate offering from Bet9ja.

mobile Bet9ja

The mobile site is easy to navigate, as menus clearly divide the sports that are available for wagering. What's more is that all of the organizational tactics of Bet9ja are available on both desktop and mobile devices, with the difference being the screen size and what can be done in terms of layout given that difference. In all, though, the mobile offering by Bet9ja makes the site very easy to use and makes for a much better experience than the mobile sites at other sportsbooks.

Bet9ja Sportsbook on mobile

The Bet9ja mobile sportsbook boasts that they carry most of the features that players like about the Bet9ja desktop site, only on a mobile-specific platform. Included in their list of features is their list of Bet9ja promotional code perks, along with the ability to use things like bet boosts and the cash out function of the site. Players can still take advantage of the 100% first deposit in the Bet9ja promotion code, which is a great thing for those who may not be able to get to a computer to do just that.

Both pre-match and in-play betting are both still available using the Bet9ja sportsbook app, so that players are not losing even a single wager when they switch from their computer to their mobile device. They are not sacrificing ease of use either, as the Bet9ja mobile app for the sportsbook section of the site is very clean, with easy to navigate buttons at the top of the screen to get players to where they want to be as quickly as possible so they can spend less time navigating and more time wagering.

Bet9ja Casino on mobile

The Bet9ja casino mobile is something that should not be forgotten about either, as it optimizes Bet9ja's casino offerings for mobile devices. When it comes to casino games, there is usually a bit of a drop off in terms of what games are available when switching from desktop to mobile devices.

It is worth looking ahead of time at what games are available at the casino app to make sure that your favorites managed to make the trip, so to speak. After all, what good would it be to download the Bet9ja casino app if you were not able to play all of your favorite games?

Keep in mind that players at the Bet9ja casino can take advantage of the Bet9ja bonus that is available via the Bet9ja promotional code on the site.

Simply using the Bet9ja promotion code MAX9JA will entitle new players to a 100% first deposit bonus good for up to 100,000. This can be used for casino play, as there is no separation of funds between the sportsbook and the casino sections of the website. Also, this Bet9ja bonus can be used or obtained via the Bet9ja mobile apps.

Bet9ja Payment Options

There are a ton of different payment options available at Bet9ja, perfect for any player's needs. The site takes Webpay with Naira debit cards, MailMoni, GTBank, PayCom, instant bank deposits, ATM deposits, Quickteller, and Skye Bank deposits. This is a diverse array of payment options and makes the depositing process easier for people from all walks of life.

An overwhelming positive when it comes to Bet9ja is the fact that they accept a wide range of payment options both in terms of deposits and withdrawals. This is great for Bet9ja promotional code users and other players who wish to use a payment option that caters to their individual needs at any given time. Whether or not you are taking advantage of a Bet9ja bonus, there should be a payment option to meet your needs.

Perhaps even better is the fact that all deposits are instant, and that there are no fees listed on the Bet9ja website for any of the methods that are listed. So in addition to taking advantage of a Bet9ja promotional code, players get a little bit of a Bet9ja bonus in the way of not having to pay for their deposits or withdrawals from the site itself.

Keep in mind when making a deposit using one of the below methods that your first deposit is eligible for a 100% Bet9ja bonus using the Bet9ja promotional code MAX9JA. The bonus is good for up to 100,000 and can help increase a player's bankroll in a way that is much simpler than having to win every single bet that is placed.


Payment method Minimum deposit Maximum deposit Processing time Fee
 Naira Debit Card  100  10,000  Instant None
 eMailMoni  Varies based on card  Varies based on card  Instant None
Quickteller  Varies based on card Varies based on card  Instant None
GT Bank 100  9,999,999  Instant None
Skye Bank  100  500,000  Instant None
PayCom 100 100,000  Instant None
 NIBSS eBills  Varies based on card  Varies based on card Instant  None
 Zenith Internet Banking 100 3,000,000  Instant None
 Bank Deposit  100  9,999,999  Instant  None
 ATM Deposit Varies based on card Varies based on card Instant None

payment options Bet9ja


Payment method Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal Processing time Fee
Bank transfer  5,000  9,999,999  Within 24 hours None

Bet9ja Customer Service

Customer service at Bet9ja is a bit hit or miss, thanks to some issues with availability. However, there are some positives to look at there as well as the site attempts to make sure that every player on the site has their questions answered on a regular basis.

One way that the site does this is to make sure that players using a Bet9ja promotional code have access to a section of frequently asked questions, or FAQs that they can consult to answer any inquiries that they might have on an immediate basis.

The FAQs section at Bet9ja is easy to access and is decent at answering any questions that players at Bet9ja may have along the way. The questions outlined in that FAQs section range from easy questions such as “does it cost anything to sign up at Bet9ja?” to more complex inquiries that get into the mechanics of wager types and what constitutes a winning bet in specific scenarios, for example. This is a very positive component of the site.

A piece of the site that is far less successful is the actual customer service portion of Bet9ja. This is not Bet9ja's fault, but the site struggles when it comes to simply being available for their customers. Bet9ja promotional code users and other players who have questions can get their inquiries responded to for the majority of the day, but in a world where 24 hour customer support is the name of the game, Bet9ja really misses out by failing to provide that here.

customer service Bet9ja

The customer support system at Bet9ja is far from ideal, but gets the job done. They are available by phone and email, with the phone service open for about 13 hours per day. Bet9ja can also be reached by email, where they mention on their website that they try to get back to players within 24 hours of each inquiry being sent.

When players are having trouble accessing the Bet9ja bonus that they can obtain through their Bet9ja promotional code, it is recommended that they get in touch with customer support as soon as humanly possible. This will allow them to find out what is causing a player to miss out on their Bet9ja bonus and how to get the Bet9ja promotional code to work correctly in the shortest time possible.

The customer support system at Bet9ja is far from ideal, but gets the job done. They are available by phone and email, with the phone service open for about 13 hours per day. Bet9ja can also be reached by email, where they mention on their website that they try to get back to players within 24 hours of each inquiry being sent.

Bet9ja Review

While the lack of live streaming and a mobile app leave some things to be desired, a strong array of betting markets and payment options make Bet9ja a trusted brand in Nigeria and a sportsbook that is definitely worth checking out.

Bettors at Bet9ja have the opportunity to match their deposits with money from Bet9ja. This 100% bonus is not the biggest in the sports betting industry but is enough to make it worthwhile for players who wish to begin playing at the site. The ability to double a player's funds before they begin playing is very tempting, as players have the ability to multiply their own funds without lifting a single finger after the initial account creation stage.

Furthermore, the fact that players are allowed to deposit anywhere from a modest ₦100 to a big-time ₦100,000 is another thing that makes this bonus a strong one. That level of flexibility is great for players who want to get rewarded for starting an account with a Bet9ja promotional code. It allows them to do so with a low-stake initial investment or a massive initial deposit, with that choice being entirely up to the player.

Also nice is the fact that the site does not require Bet9ja promotional code users to deal with a betting odds requirement that is too restrictive. While it is true that 3.00 odds or higher can be difficult to navigate, this still allows you to select some decent favorites alongside the opportunity to wager on underdogs with Bet9ja's bonus funds.

The rollover requirements are a little annoying to deal with, but a 5x rollover of the combined total of initial deposit and bonus amounts is not bad at all. Given the value on this site of being able to get very nice odds that have the potential to be lucrative, there is no doubt that the Bet9ja promotional code is a strong one and worth a shot.

Bet9ja Promotion Code – What we like Bet9ja Promotion Code – What we don’t like
👍 Lots of betting markets 👎 No mobile app
👍 Live betting 👎 No live streaming
👍 100% welcome bonus

Bet9ja promotion code: FAQs

1. Is there a Bet9ja promotion code currently available?

Yes! New players at Bet9ja can take advantage of a 100% first deposit Bet9ja bonus using Bet9ja promotional code MAX9JA.

2. Who can claim this Bet9ja promotional code offer?

Only new players to Bet9ja can take advantage of this Bet9ja promotional code offer, and must enter the appropriate Bet9ja promotional code of MAX9JA when making their first deposit to be eligible to receive their bonus funds.

3. Is there a Bet9ja bonus for mobile users?

There is a Bet9ja bonus available to mobile users, but that Bet9ja bonus is the same as the Bet9ja promotional code that is available to players on all devices. The Bet9ja promotional code MAX9JA is good for a 100% first deposit bonus and is worth up to 100,000 in bonus funds. That Bet9ja promotional code is available whether a player is on desktop or mobile.

4. I can't seem to obtain the Bet9ja bonus, what should I do?

Customer service at Bet9ja is available via phone and email for the majority of each day, and should be your point of contact for Bet9ja promotional code redemption issues. If a player is having a problem redeeming Bet9ja promotional code MAX9JA, they can get in touch with the site by phone and email, although the hours are a bit limited to do so.

Bet9ja Promotion Code 2019: Enter “MAX9JA”
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