Bet365 vs. Vulcun: Who wins?

With the eSports market now worth hundreds of millions many punters are becoming increasingly drawn to it, and now several specialist bookmakers have emerged that deal exclusively with video gaming. We're here to help you choose between two of the best bookmakers for eSports: bet365 and Vulcun. 

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Note: Vulcun are a dedicated eSports bookmakers, which means for the purposes of this comparison we will focus solely on that market. 

Welcome Bonus: Draw

Both operators offer welcome bonuses for new users, however they offer very different gifts, meaning which one is best does largely boil down to personal preference.

Bet365's welcome promotion is a fairly standard 100% match on initial deposits made up to £200. This means a first time deposit of £150 will give you an additional £150 to bet with. Not too shabby.

Vulcun, being an eSports specific operator give new users a ‘free crate'. This crate is unlocked once you enter a code, and is full of special in-game items. The items can be tailored to suit whichever MOBA you play. So League of Legends players will get LoL items, and CS:GO players can opt for guns and skins.

To access the Vulcun crate simply enter the code BETMAX on registration. You can also visit Betminded's review of this promotion for full details.


Vulcun Welcome Bonus

Range of markets: Bet365

Despite being an eSports specialist, Vulcun's range of markets is very disappointing.

Punters can only wage on the outcome of individual matches, backing the favourite or outsider. 

Bet365 have a bigger and more interesting range of eSports markets to keep punters interested.

Aside from the standard match winner market, which is the same as Vulcun, there is individual map betting and total map wins. The latter gives punters the chance to wager on whether a team will triumph 2-0, 2-1 etc.

When tournaments feature a number of teams, Bet365 lets you wager on the region the winning team comes from, or on which group the champion will be in. Much like the early stages of the football World Cup, eSports tournaments begin with groups. If one of these groups harbours some strong contenders this is an interesting market to explore.  


Bet365 Range of markets

Best odds: Bet365

Because of the limited range of markets offered by Vulcun, comparing the odds of the two bookmakers is not particularly easy, given such limited scope for comparison. 

When it comes to backing the favourite both offer similar odds, although Vulcun express probability through percentages instead of the standard fractions, which can take some getting used to, even for betting regulars.

If you fancy a flutter on the outsider, Bet365's odds are far superior, which is not surprising given that many larger bookies encourage this. 


Bet365 Has the best odds

Special features: Vulcun

Bet365 is one of the world's largest bookmakers, and therefore has a huge range of special features for new and existing users, however there is nothing dedicated to eSports betting.

Vulcun have two great features for users, the Loot Drop and the marketplace.

During live streams, along with betting, users can enter the loot drop. Winners get a selection of in-game items and sometimes Vulcun Gold, a unique currency which can be used in the marketplace.

Punters who wish to wager in Vulcun Gold can spend their winnings on in-game items like CS:GO guns and skins. 


Vulcun Loot Drop

Best bookies: Bet365

While Vulcun's special features add a very interesting extra dimension to wagering, the quality and range of odds provided is simply too narrow, making unsuitable for most punters.

Bet365 not only offer better odds, but also give punters a lot more markets, and it's this variety that makes them the best bookmakers. 

It's worth noting however, that Vulcun is a leading eSports betting site and that it offers a very distinct betting experience, quite unlike that of operators like Bet365. If you want to experience something totally different, Vulcun may be a preferable option.

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Bet365: Betminded's pick

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Bet365 vs. Vulcun: Who wins?
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