Bet365 Bonus Code Generator – Beware!

bet365-bonusgeneratorThere have been rumours circulating online about the existence of a Bet365 bonus code generator. It has been claimed that the downloadable software functions like other hack key generators and allows users to sign up to Bet365 with bonus cash.

Unfortunately, these rumours are unfounded and the existing software circulating online is a complete hoax. Not only do the codes generated by the Bet365 bonus code generator not work for users wishing to register on the site, but the software itself is a threat to your internet security and to the computers on which it has been downloaded.

If you want to sign up, you are much better using a genuine Bet365 bonus code, which will grant you a sports betting bonus of up to £200, as well as other bonuses for games like casino, bingo and poker.

The risks of using the bonus code generator

In completing their registration, many users try to use Bet365 bonus code hacks such as the key generator software. However, this is an error.

The code generator does not work

Since users are only entitled to one account per person, once they have tried to sign in using a fake code and have not obtained their bonus, they can never unlock the special promo.

This type of issue doesn't arise for users registering regularly through, who are all entitled to a 100% bonus on the amount of their first deposit up to £200.

noBugs1The bonus generator is malware

Moreover, players downloading the bogus bonus code generator software online are exposing their computer to spyware. This type of software gathers information from the computer and network on which it is installed without permission from the user or users. It can manifest itself notably in pop-up windows, but also less visibly in hacking in to personal accounts and even accessing private banking information.

Spyware, which has cost users $7.8 billion per year in computer repairs, is also growing in its ability to reach into encrypted and private information, as was the case with the “heartbleed” bug in 2014.

It is therefore important to steer clear from these potential threats, particularly when a simple solution already exists!


How to use the Bet365 bonus code

To activate the first deposit bonus of up to £200 on Bet365, click here and follow the simple instructions.

  1. Click here and follow the simple instructions to sign up.
  2. Remember to use the exclusive bonus code shown via the link above.
  3. Your first deposit will be eligible for a 100% matched bonus of up to £200.

If you have any further questions about Bet365 sign-up offers or the so-called bonus code generator, get in touch via the comments section and we'll be happy to advise. Best of luck with your bets!

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Bet365 Bonus Code Generator – Beware!
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