Bet-at-home code generator hoax

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logo for bet at home Recently forums, blogs and tip websites have being relaying information that a bet-at-home code generator exists and is available for download. According to many sources this software is a HOAX and cannot be trusted. The software claims to be the same as any other hack key and promises to allow new users sign up to Bet-at-home and receive a cash bonus.

Unfortunately, we have received many reports that claim the bet-at-home voucher number is completely fake.

These .rar downloads are potentially harmful to your computer, tablet, phone and other devices. Not only does the software not work, it can transfer computer viruses and threaten your internet security while increasing the risk of identity theft and financial fraud.

User's who wish to sign up to bet-at-home and take advantage of real bonuses that will not threaten your device please refer to our article on how to obtain a bet-at-home coupon voucher. Just follow the step by step instructions to receive a 100% sign up bonus without any risk.

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The risks of using a bonus code generator

The code generator download which is a .rar file, promises to generate a bet-at-home voucher number that new customers can use when registering in order to receive a cash bonus. However, these downloads are completely false as it is impossible to design a generator like that for gambling websites. Furthermore, there are potentially serious repercussions for downloading this type of programme.

The generator is a virus

Code generators for gambling websites are completely fake and will only harm your computer or hand held device. As a result of downloading the programme your smart phone or computer could end up with malware, spyware, and serious viruses. Additionally, the software can be used to hack into your personal details including credit card information which could lead to credit card and financial fraud.

The generator does not work

Code generators for gambling websites and applications are misleading and incorrect as its impossible to design such a programme for these type of websites. They simply will never work. Furthermore, one of the terms and conditions at bet-at-home is that only one account is permitted per customer, therefore if you sign up using a false voucher number you will never be able to receive your entitled bonus offer of a £15 bonus in the sportsbook section. This promotional offer is safer and easier than downloading a code generator and is available to all new customer who enter our exclusive coupon voucher number.

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Bet-at-home code generator hoax
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